Go Where?

Photo by desktopnexus.com

As you may have read previously, I don’t ski.  Yes, I’ve tried it.  I just don’t like feeling out of control as I fly down the mountain. I’ve made the decision not to ski, at least for now. Maybe I’ll pick it up when I’m sixty, we’ll see.

Enter my husband.
Guess what?  He loves skiing.  He wants to go skiing at least once a year.  Enter my dilemma.  Here are the options when someone you love wants to do something and you don’t:

Option 1:  Give them a really hard time.  Try to completely talk them out of what they want to do.  You know the drill.  If they are not compiling then have a huge fight and force them to you will whether they like it or not.  They are not happy and you are probably not happy either maybe because you feel badly, more likely because they are now making you miserable.  Disclaimer – I am not recommending Option 1 and will not be held responsible for any marital discord. 

Option 2:  Don’t go on the trip.  Yuck, who wants this one?  Great, this means both of you sitting at home miserable.  No, thank you.

Option 3:  Agree to the thing you don’t want to do and find something fun to do there.  No, it’s not “giving in.”  Take note of the second part of the option, you are finding something you find fun to do there.  Plus, you get big points for doing it and even more points for doing it with a smile on your face! Disclaimer – I am recommending Option 3 and will be held responsible for any marital harmony.

We recently went to Stowe, Vermont.  We took my daughter who was 11 months, so I had company off the slopes.  Of course, that did limit the activities I could do a bit but I still found some fun things.  We went to the indoor pool, which we both loved.  We hung out at the game room a bit.  As you might imagine with an 11-month old, this didn’t last too long – the foos ball table was a bit too high.  I got to enjoy some coveted alone time while she napped in the afternoon.  Best of all, we toured the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.  Inside note, they give out free samples off the tour.  Free ice cream, now that’s fun!  We only spent a weekend there so the activities fit the time available. 

My husband got to ski and I had a good time.  Guess what?  The next destination is mine to choose!  Maybe Mexico, maybe Hawaii, one thing for sure, wherever it is will be warm, sunny, and flat!


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