Five Reasons to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

all inclusive

photo by msmith

Your latest dream destination offers an all-inclusive resort but it seems really pricey.  You just can’t decide what to do…here are five helpful considerations when making your decision. 

  1. Picky Eaters – Have you gone out to eat and ordered your picky eater a meal only to get it and have them not like it?  How about after they insisted they really, really wanted it?  An all-inclusive provides a variety of food choices.  Your picky eater can try many different things.  Some they may not like and some they actually might eat.  I’m certainly not advocating wasting food, but it is a relief to not get stuck paying for a meal nobody is going to eat and then still have to find something to sustain those hungry little mouths.
  2. Expensive Destination – Food and activities can get quite expensive especially in certain destinations.  At an all-inclusive, you’ve already paid.  All your playing, eating, and drinking is included, no worries.  It may seem like a hefty up-front fee until you add up the cost of all those poolside pina coladas.
  3. Tranquility Now – If you are looking for a peaceful trip, an all-inclusive might be just what you need.  There are activities at many all-inclusive resorts for all age groups and desires.  There’s no need to preplan your schedule for what you are going to do when, it’s all done for you.  Just arrive and relax.
  4. Limiting Destination – Some destinations don’t have a lot of places to visit or things to see and do.  These are typically beach destinations.  When you’re visiting a place like this, it might be best to go with an all-inclusive.  You limit your issues with finding good food and good activities.
  5. Shorter Trip – When your trip is a week or less, an all-inclusive might be just what you want.  By staying longer you may become tired out with the resort’s offerings.  Although there are a variety of food options, you are eating there for every meal and you can become bored.  The same applies to activities; after five days, do you really want to play beach volleyball, again?

Wherever you decide to go, whatever you decide to eat, wherever you decide to stay – remember make the best of it and have the time of your life!

Happy Traveling!


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