The Cool Connecticut Confidential

We have a friend who actually works for ESPN…I know, how cool is that?  And, as a perk of his job, ESPN offers

a Friends and Family Tour for employees…even cooler, right?

Off to Bristol, Connecticut we go!

Before I tell you any more, I do have to mention, if by osmosis alone, I watch a lot of ESPN.  Of course, I normally only pay attention to the Top 10 Plays on Sports Center but there is another show my son has me hooked on watching.  It’s called Sports Nation.  It’s really a cool show with witty commentary, great web clips, wacky games, interesting surveys…just overall a good show.  And, I love Michelle Beadle, the female co-host.  She is so cute, knows a ton about sports and is always a step ahead of Colin, the male co-host – it’s just refreshing!  You go, girl!

Okay, back to our trip…we arrived at the ESPN complex, parked, and met our friend.  We went to the cafeteria for a quick lunch before the tour began.  Now, I’m not a big celebrity watcher but this place had some really big sports names, just hanging out and eating lunch.  It was pretty cool, even for me!

The tour of the complex, which is huge, was just amazing.  Having worked in corporate America for many, many, many years, I found it so cool that every person had a computer and a TV on their desk.  Obviously, it’s needed for their jobs and they watch sports events on those TVs but I just thought it was cool.

My sons thought the coolest part of the tour was seeing the studios, particularly the Sports Center studio.  It is so much smaller in person than it appears on TV.

Then, the best part of our trip, we sat in for a taping of Sports Nation!  Can this trip get any cooler?  Let me tell you though, if you love the magic of TV and your shows, don’t sit in on a taping.  It just takes away from the mystique of it all.  The on-air personalities are not as excited off camera as they are when the cameras are rolling.  It’s like they think of it as a real job or something.  They’re not standing around giddy with excitement, asking one another if they can really believe they’re filming a TV show!  Who knew?

Even with the magic quickly draining from my vivid imagination of how things were, it was still awesome.  We got to interact during the taping.  In fact, if you ever have the chance to see a rerun of the Sports Nation show with Joey Chestnut (professional eater), I’m the one screaming Michelle’s name during her and Colin’s hot dog eat off!  Michelle, Colin, and the entire SN team were great during our visit.  They couldn’t have been nicer!

After the taping, we stopped at the ESPN store for some souvenirs and were on our way home.  The trip was totally cool and I think my personal cool ratio went up a few notches!

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