Travel Tip…because you can always use one more!

Traveling to new places allows for new conversations.  Use this family time as an opportunity to talk about things you may never discuss at home.  Can’t think of anything?  Try these…

different cultures, changes in climate, varying types of landscapes, new foods or the history of the area. 

On our last trip to San Francisco, we crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge .  My husband and I began talking about the Earthquake of 1989.  We talked about how the highways and bridge collapsed and how people were stuck. 

This prompted even more discussion around what to do in an earthquake, possible earthquakes on the East Coast, and then eventually to baseball.  Not sure if you remember but that earthquake interrupted the World Series.  Many of our conversations somehow include baseball so it was probably inevitable.  I’m really excited for my daughter to get a little bit older so we can start to include shoe shopping or something a little less sports-specific into these conversations.

You don’t have to force or rehearse these topics.  Just keep it in mind and when the opportunity is right, it’ll be a great chance for you to talk with your kids and add even more fun to your trip!

Happy Traveling…

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