Travel Tips – Bring Your GPS

When you’re packing for your next trip, remember your GPS.  Although you can rent a GPS from your rental car agency, it’s a good idea to bring yours from home.  Why?

  1. You save money! 
  2. You are familiar with your own GPS – adding time to figure out a new tool only prolongs the arrival to your destination.
  3. You can preprogam your locations, saving you even more time and ensures you know where you are going.

A few other GPS tips I’ve found helpful when traveling…

  • Double check all addresses – don’t rely on the GPS address as they could be outdated.  This happened to us and turned our nice journey into a stress drive.
  • Print a map of your first destination (the hotel, restaurant, etc.).  It helps if the GPS is taking too long to acquire satellites and it’s always helpful to have a map.  I’ve rented a car and the location was out of maps!  Be prepared, just in case you need it.
  • Add your hotel as a favorite destination.  When you are out-and-about and need to get back, it’s a simple selection as opposed to finding it in your past destinations or reprograming the address.


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