Travel Tip: Cool Airplane Fun

Traveling with small children can be difficult.  They don’t always have the patience, especially on those long plane flights.  I don’t understand why they get so cranky after sitting in that seat for six hours; I’m the picture of calmness!

Prior to the trip, try to get a few new little toys or just take some of their current small toys out of the rotation.  When you bring these treasures out, they’ll be wide-eyed for sure!

If all else fails, look around you for fun stuff.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Sky Mall magazine:  This magazine is great.  Bigger kids love looking at all the cool and neat “toys” they’re selling.  They can pick their favorite per page, pick the most expensive thing or even harder, try to find the cheapest thing.  It’s great for little ones too.  My daughter loves to look for the kitty cats and doggies.  You’d be surprised how many there are, don’t forget about the lawn statues!


  •  The barf bag:  Okay, this one seems gross but as long as it’s not a used bag, it’s great.  Your baby can color it, hide things in it, rip it up, use it as a puppet – we’re talking endless fun here! 


  • A plastic cup (from the flight attendant):  Now I know you’re scoffing at this one but it works great for babies and even toddlers.  Trust me, they’ll chew on it, play with it, etc…just give a baby a plastic cup and they’ll love it.   You can play a hide and seek game or use that Sky Mall magazine to make little scrunchies of paper to fill it up…the options are numerous! 

Now, I know these may not sound like great fun to you but little kids enjoy these things and you may just distract them from opening and closing that tray table or kicking the seat of the person in front of them.

Let us know how you keep your kids attention on long plane rides.

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