The Greek Islands Get Even Better

The Greek Island Odyssey continued as we left the lovely island of Hydra.  We were on our way to Poros, located in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf.  It’s a small island with only a little over 4,000 locals.  Before we arrived though, we had to stop at a beautiful bay.  It was yet another sweet spot with perfect water.  On shore was a beach area where you could rent chairs or grab a Mythos (the local beer).  Once anchored,

we swam to shore.  We stayed awhile enjoying the sand in our toes and fishing for some unusual looking rocks, which lined the shore (funny, once we got these home – they looked more like…ordinary rocks, I guess everything is more beautiful in Greece).  We swam back to the boat for a great lunch Mark had prepared.  Have I mentioned what an awesome cook Mark is?  He can take a bunch of scraps that I would probably throw in the compost heap and make the most delectable dish – just yummy!  Before we left, Janet and Christal impressed us with some high dives off the boat.  Check out the videos.  Please don’t mind the side angle (I obviously don’t know how to take video with a regular camera).  Also, it’s accompanied by music and possibly me getting a little excited at the end. 



We pulled up our anchor and were on our way to Poros.  We had no trouble with docking and enjoyed cocktails and the sunset from the boat.  The views you get are amazing.  You can’t go wrong on a boat! 

Dimi already had a suggestion for dinner and given how successful his last picks were we were all in.  The place was a little walk up through town and its signature dish was snails.  Some of you may be a bit squeamish but you must at some point try snails.  I know it sounds and seems disgusting but they are fantastic!  Needless to say, I enjoyed it.  From the pics below, you can see, we all enjoyed it!

After dinner we took another exploratory walk (similar to the one in Hydra) and had a great time while getting a little exercise – these islands are very steep! 

The next morning the girls decided to rent mopeds.  I’m not saying the boys were less adventurous but they did stay back – I leave it to you to decide.  In Poros, you need a motorcycle license to rent a moped.  Since only one of us had that (you go, Janet), we rented one moped (for Janet and Ali) and one quad (for Christal and me). 


We motored through the winding hills to the Sanctuary of Poseidon ruins.   I’d love to add some great pictures here but there was nothing to shoot besides a bunch of ants carrying a really large dried olive (picture to prove it on right).  There, now you’ve seen it all!  Needless to say, I wouldn’t put this on the “must-do” list. 

We left the “ruins” to check out the beaches.  We found a great place, hung out for a while, and grabbed some pizza…with ketchup.  The woman who served us said she knew Americans loved ketchup so she brought it over for us.  Wasn’t that sweet?  It started to get cloudy so we headed back to the boat. 

We left shortly after heading back to Methana but to a different port than we’d seen before.  This time we were going to the Port of Vathi.  The name means deep harbour but this town is known for its volcanic spas.  As we arrived into port, the sulfur smell convinced us hot springs were the main attraction of this town!  We took full advantage of the medicinal opportunity and went to one of the spas.  Dimi had called ahead and prearranged our transportation so we were quickly whisked away to relaxation bliss – as if this vacation could get any better! 

I tried the Hydro Bath, which was my first time but I completely recommend it.  The room was darkened with the sounds of spa music filling the air.  I got in a huge tub filled with warm water.  The bath had tiny pin lights and jets throughout.  The lights changed colors as the jets pulsated different areas of my body.  It was relaxing for not only my body but for each of my senses.  I also had a massage based on my astrological sign.  I’m not sure if it actually differed from sign to sign but it worked for me.  The other girls got similar treatments.  One special treatment they had there was a fertility bath.  It’s supposedly a special marble bath that (what else) makes you more fertile.  I don’t know if I believe it works but I stayed far away from that room!! 

Back to the boat for a quick change and onto dinner; we stopped at a small fish place with outside seating.  The food was good, the wine was great, and the entire evening a blast!  The next morning Ali made everyone a fabulous pancake breakfast.  I don’t know how she managed on that little stovetop but those pancakes were good.  After breakfast, Christal and I went on a quick grocery restock trip in town.  

One of my favorite parts of visiting other countries is seeing their local lifestyle.  This was evident on our morning shopping.  People congregated around the shops, each shop selling very specific items.  The store worker tried to help us find what we needed – even leaving their store to take us to another storekeeper to help.  It was still a bit touristy with some chachke stores but the older men gathered at outside cafes smoking their cigarettes and chatting in Greek was just enchanting – I loved it all! 

Back to the boat; anchor up, and onto our next stop.  Where will it be?  That’s the great part of sailing the Greek Islands…you’re in charge of your destiny – it could be anywhere…

Charting Our Greek Destiny

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