Charting Our Greek Destiny

We left Methana’s Port of Vathi and were headed to a great area in Aegina.  As was now our Greek Island routine, we wanted to stop at a bay and swim off the boat.  This had really become one of our favorite things to do.  It wasn’t hard to talk Dimi into it and we were quickly on our way.  Dimi loves to show off his knowledge of secret treasures, however, this time…

He came through even better than ever.  Ha!  You thought it was going to be awful, didn’t you?  You should know Dimi is a great skipper and only goes to the best spots – although it might be hard to find a bad spot in the Greek Islands!  We anchored the boat and swam and swam.  We had lunch on the boat again and while we were enjoying our mid-afternoon sangria, Alison wished out loud for us to stay anchored in the bay all night.  She really didn’t want to leave (told ya’ it was a great spot).

Dimi said ‘of course we could stay but we wouldn’t have electricity for the majority of the time.’  After a quick chat, we all agreed the birthday girl should have her wish come true, so we stayed!  Mark whipped us up some dinner from the leftovers we had.  We lit lots of candles, drank lots of wine, and I think a bottle of Bailey’s (love that duty free).  It was just a boatful of friends talking, laughing, and having a great time under the Greek moonlight!

Travel Tip:  If you are bringing your own alcohol on the trip be sure to stop at duty free before you leave the airport.


We left the next morning and headed back to Athens.  We were spending our last night there and then heading home.  Everyone was excited to see Athens but quite depressed as we entered the port.  Our sailing adventure was coming to an end.  Don’t shed a tear yet, though, we still had one more night!

Once anchored we got all gussied up for our land adventure!  Everyone looked so cute as we headed to the Acropolis Museum.  We had to take two cabs.  As we arrived at our destination, there were police there.  It seems our drivers had gone up a street they shouldn’t have and the officers were “forcefully telling” them to move immediately.  We all scrambled to get out of the cabs.  We hadn’t discussed the price before we left so while scrambling we also tried to figure out how much the total was (there were no meters running).  It was all very confusing and we paid 20 EU for each cab when we should have paid only 20 EU in total.  I’d like to give the cab drivers the benefit of the doubt because of the chaotic situation but it wouldn’t have been an issue if we had determined the cost ahead of time.

Travel Tip:  Make sure you know the price before you leave your destination.  This way you won’t make a costly mistake and you’ll be sure to have enough cash for the fare.

We headed to the museum, which sits at the bottom of the Acropolis area.  It is brand new and is one of the best museums I’ve visited.  The layout and architecture is fantastic.  The entire outside entrance has a glass floor, which looks down onto ancient city ruins.  Yes, real ancient ruins!  You can’t see it too well from the picture but it is amazing (and the pedicure is pretty nice too!).  Inside, there are tons of artifacts (um, no pictures but Christal snapped this one before the guard came over immediately to alert us!).  On the third floor, there is a replica of the outside gable area of the Parthenon.  This museum is certainly on the “must-do” list!

It was too late in the day to actually tour the Acropolis (looks like there will be another trip to Greece!).  Mark had made dinner reservations to celebrate Ali’s birthday.  The place had rooftop dining with a view of the Acropolis, which is lit up at night.  It was also just about a full moon.  These things put together made for some fabulous shots.

We started off the evening with an Ouzo toast.  The Greek tradition is to have it as an aperitif and it is served with ice.  The best way to describe the taste is Good & Plenty candy.  Remember those?  Check the picture to the right for another way to describe the taste.  Can you tell I don’t like Good & Plenty?  Where’s the drink that tastes like M&Ms?  (Oh, I guess that was the Baileys last night.)  But, you do have to try it and others in our party really liked it (so much that a second bottle was ordered and promptly drank).

After dinner, we went exploring around the Acropolis area.  Of course, it’s fenced off so we couldn’t get too close but we were close enough!  Dimi brought us to this great hilltop where you could see everything.  Worth the rock climb in a dress!   As we were enjoying the view something disastrous happened.  Mark’s backpack was stolen!  I know…we couldn’t believe it either! 

We were all enjoying the view and taking pictures.  Mark had just gotten something from the bag and set it down right at his feet.  He posed for a couple of pictures then bent down to retrieve his bag and it was gone.  We were all sitting right there.  We honestly couldn’t believe it at first.  We just thought he had moved it but after each of us searched the entire area, we realized it was, in fact, gone.  Some of us thought we saw an odd man lurking around but we, obviously, couldn’t find him.  We checked our cameras to see if he was in the background of any picture but he wasn’t. 

Dimi called the police while Mark and Alison cancelled their credit cards.  Luckily their passports weren’t in the bag.  The police came quickly and listened to our story.  Although there wasn’t much they could do, they were very apologetic and just plain nice (I do have to add, they were really cute too).  They advised Mark and Alison to come to the police station and fill out a report for insurance purposes.  Dimi went with them to the station and they filled it out, which was in itself a pretty cool adventure.  The rest of us went back to the boat.  We had contemplated pulling an all-nighter but after the upsetting turn of events opted to return to our cozy boat for our last night. 

Travel Tip:  You all know this one yet it must to be repeated again and again!  Keep your belongings on your person at all times…even if you feel safe, even if you think it’s just for a second…keep your things on you (preferably strapped to your body) at all times!

The next morning, we packed up and headed to the airport.  Mark and Alison did stay an extra night for some romantic alone time.  I’m still not sure how they made it without the rest of us hanging around but I guess they managed.  We all made it home safe and sound and are dreaming of our next adventure – Christal has a milestone birthday coming up soon so we’re hoping for something big!

Some of you have requested specific trip details, so I’ll be providing an itinerary overview and some additional overall trip tips in the last of the Greek Island series.  Oh, and we did have a post-trip get-together for exchanging pictures, eating some more Greek food, and drinking (lots) of wine and Ouzo!  More on that and the other stuff soon…

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