Everyone Needs Pumpkins!

You can not usher in the season of autumn or even think about celebrating Halloween without first going Pumpkin Pickin’!  Yes, that’s right; the pumpkin-picking season is upon us.  In fact, you’d better hurry because it will soon be gone!  This year, we went to a huge farm about 10 minutes from our home (this is the Garden State, how far did you think we’d have to go?)…

We went to Springdale Farms.  In the past we’ve gone to Heritage Station, which is actually a bit further for us but they have great apple picking too.  This year though we were only in the market for pumpkins and a good time. 

Springdale Farms didn’t disappoint.  We arrived right at the opening, 10AM.  We purchased our tickets and went outside to catch the hay wagon.  Unfortunately, the first hay wagon actually left at 10AM and we had just missed it.  Since it was so early, they only had one wagon going so we had to wait for its return.

The good news is they have a bunch of entertaining things around the waiting area.  They have live bunnies and chickens, which Leah loved although she did keep a watchful eye on them!  They had the obligatory farm cutouts to put your face through and have your picture taken.  Two-year olds don’t necessarily have the hang of this (at least our two-year old doesn’t). 

They also had an awesome corn maze.  We didn’t do it because it takes 90 minutes and I’m pretty sure Leah would have had a melt down before we made it out of there.  In fact, when they sell the tickets they suggest only four years and up give it a try.  I guess they got tired of the helicopter rescues for the little ones that just couldn’t make it out!

Let me say, that first group of pumpkin pickers was really taking their time – I mean, pick a pumpkin already, it’s not rocket science!  Finally, the first hay wagon returned and we were on our way.  Leah did a great (and dare I say, quick) job of picking our pumpkins.  We got a bumpy one and a cute one. 

Thomas, our wagon driver was quite informative.  He told us all the crops that were growing (did you know strawberry plants can survive the winter?) and those that were dying off (all those imports from warmer climates – like tomatoes).  He also told us that the pumpkins we were picking are not supposed to be eaten.  There are special pumpkins grown for their sweetness.  I guess growing up in the Garden State I should have known this but I wasn’t raised on a farm so I’m giving myself a break on this one.  This did however save me from trying to make a pie from our pumpkins! 

Back on the wagon and to the main area to pay for our freshly picked pumpkins.  They do look great in our home…let the Halloween festivities begin!


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