Look Out Washington, DC – We’re Coming!

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Where is our next trip?  Washington, DC.  Yep, we are headed to the nation’s capital for a quick weekend get-away.  This is our first road-trip of the year!  It’s been said my children have “weak constitutions” and that is not a DC reference.  Just because our number one car accessory is a…

plastic bag doesn’t mean it’s always used for vomit.  Just because we’ve had to call housekeeping in the middle of the night for new sheets doesn’t mean someone’s thrown up in bed all over their sleeping brother.  It doesn’t have to mean any of that but in our case, it does.  Anyway, I’m sure there will be a few good stories to share!  

Right now, we are planning to leave early Saturday morning.  Our trip agenda iincludes viewing the “must-see” attractions.  We also want to check out the Old Post Office Tower, which supposedly has great views with fewer lines than the Washington Monument.  There are so many great museums (lots of them free) to choose from but we’ll be heading to the National Museum of Natural History – it seems the most friendly to my kids varied age groups.  I’ve done a bunch of research on places to eat for lunch and dinner but we’ll play it by ear as to where to actually end up.

Travel Tip:  It’s really good to keep your expectations in check before going on a trip.  Don’t get your heart set on anything or it’s sure to wind up broken – and really, who wants a broken heart? 

After a big day, we’ll head to the Embassy Suites, put the baby to bed, and watch a little baseball.  Sunday’s plan includes a quick, early visit another museum and then off to the National Zoo.  After a day of animals, we’re back on the road, heading for home.  We’ll have the plastic bags but let’s hope we don’t need them.


Coming Soon:  What Really Happened in Washington, DC
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