Greek Islands — Trip Itinerary

Ali and MarkIt seems there are over 6,000 islands in Greece.  Although most of them are uninhabited, they are all grouped into specific regions.  The region you hear the most about is the Cyclades, which includes the islands of Mykonons, Sifnos, and Paros.  These were the islands Alison (remember the birthday girl) wanted to see the most. 

She really had her heart set on seeing Sifnos but before we left for our trip the charter company wouldn’t provide an itinerary.  They advised the itinerary would be set just prior to departure when we could discuss our wishes and the weather with the captain.  When we arrived, we met Dimi our captain.  He and Ali briefly discussed where she wanted to go and at length talked about the weather.  It seems the weather predictions for the Cyclades was not good for sailing.  We could do it but it would be rough going.  However, the predictions for the Argo-Saronic regions would fare much better.  Ali considered her group of not so experienced sailors and decided to forgo the Cyclades in hopes for smoother seas — good choice.  We had smooth going most of the trip.  We did have one rough patch, which Dimi said was not really that rough.  I was glad we didn’t have to experience rougher.

Travel Tip:  Here’s the tip from this long story…don’t get your heart set on a specific destination when going on a sailing trip like this.  We still had a fantastic time.  We ate great food, saw some amazing sights, and enjoyed the whole experience.  If we wasted time pining over the missed islands, we’d still be pining (remember there are over 6,000 of them).

Let’s move on to the itinerary and the details, in case you’re ready to go on a sailing trip through the Argo-Saronic islands (assuming the weather agrees).

Yum lunch!Day 1

Arrived in Athens via US Airways

Transportation from Athens to the Alimos Marina provided by Istion (the yacht charter company)

Lunch near the marina at Poseidon

Cocktail hour near the marina at the Kitchen Bar

Departed Athens/Alimos Marina arrived in Aegina (Port Aegina)

Dinner (dinner on the pier but none of us remember the name of the place — hey, it was our first night, we were excited!)

Day 2

Departed Aegina

Swam in Agistri Bay

Arrived Methana (Port Vathi)

Dinner at Inoterapevtirio Ifestio

Hydra PierDay 3

Departed Methana

Arrived Hydra

Lunch at Ahileas

Dinner at Veranda

Day 4

Departed Hydra

Swam in Spathi Bay

Arrived Poros

Dinner at Karavolos

Dinner at TabepnaDay 5

Departed Poros

Arrived Methana (Port of Metana)

Spa visit to Metana Volcanic Spa

Dinner  at Tabepna

Ali and MarkDay 6

Departed Methana

Swam and stayed the night at Ligia Bay

Day 7

Departed Ligia Bay

Swam in Agia Marina

Arrived Athens

Dinner at Filistron


If you want to go back and reread all the fun we had, start here!  After we returned, we set up a Greek Wrap Party.  We all brought some Greek treats and shared tons of wine, ouzo, and great memories of our trip together.  I mean, it lastest for HOURS! 

If you do have the opportunity to go on a trip with friends, I highly suggest having a party after you return (and don’t wait too long).  Unless of course, the trip didn’t go too smoothly, then, aahh…maybe not.

Really though, it’s great.  You can share your pictures, relive the good times and start planning your next trip.  The most important part is to keep your friendships alive!

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3 thoughts on “Greek Islands — Trip Itinerary

  1. IT looks like you had an amazing time! I love the idea of throwing a Greek Wrap Party. It would be fun to get all my friends together and share tons of wine, ouzo, and great memories of our trip together.

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