It’s 2011! So Now What?

2011 is officially here!  It really is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the clean slate each year brings.  You can have new dreams, goals, and aspirations.  It doesn’t matter that you did the same thing last year and you didn’t accomplish anything everything.  It just doesn’t matter.  A new year means a new chance – isn’t that awesome? 
This is my first New Year’s in the blogging world.  As anyone could guess, most bloggers write their first post of the year about getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.  Here are a few peeps ready to see 2010 go and get on with 2011: 

Here are a few bloggers just trying to find a new way in the new year.    

Where am I?  Well, I started this blog, less than a year ago, to work on my writing and gain a following.  Once these two goals were accomplished; every literary agent and book publisher would bang my door down to publish my book, books or anything I jotted down on a napkin. 

Can you believe it didn’t happen?  My door is still fully in-tact.  Odd, I know!

Guess that puts me in the second camp…finding a new way in the new year.  As I reevaluated what I want to accomplish with my blog in 2011, I’ve decided to change things a bit.  I’d rather show you than tell you so I’m not going to go into a laundry list of things I’m changing.  That’s boring and it doesn’t leave me wiggle room to change my mind (without guilt)!

I don’t want to make this post a complete snooze though, so let me at least share a few of my resolutions with you: 

  1. Unsubscribe to unwanted emails.
  2. Read at least 12 fiction books.
  3. Organize my jewelry, hair stuff (and Leah’s), clothes, house, and files. It’s a little more quantifiable but I don’t want to completely bore you.
  4. Have a monthly motivation moment for myself. 
  5. Drink 2-8 glasses of water per day (it will be a progression throughout the year).
  6. Listen intently. 
  7. Don’t be mean to others when I’m angry with myself. 
  8. Read to Leah everyday. 
  9. Do a fun craft project with Leah each week. 
  10. Play family games at least once per week. 
  11. Put things away as soon as I’m done using them (this seems like it should be on one of my kids resolution lists but I am the worst offender – ask my husband!)
  12. Forget my usual resolutions of losing 10 pounds and drinking less Diet Coke — in fact, I might drink more Diet Coke :).


So raise your glass to an exciting new 2011.  Enjoy all your new (or maybe old but new again for this year) resolutions.  I’d love to hear a few of them.  And, I look forward to sharing my progress with you as the year unfolds!


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7 thoughts on “It’s 2011! So Now What?

  1. Good luck with YOUR resolutions! I simply do not understand why the literary agents of the world have not yet contacted us. Do they not realize what goldmines they’re sitting on?!

  2. Oh, I’m so with you on the water and the not being mean, when I’m really mad at myself.
    I however, don’t see why the literary agents aren’t banging down your door. Hmmm… perhaps try a different napkin…

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