A Quick Look Back…

Going with my new “theme” of creating posts not just related to travel, I wanted to do a 2010 Year in Review – pictorial style, baby!  I don’t normally post a lot of pictures because I’m not very good at taking them.  However, I LOVE sites that show lots of pictures.  This year I am going to work on my picture quality.  If you know of any tutorials for how to take great pcitures with a simple digital camera, please let me know!! 

This is just a few highlights but here we go.. 


January started off VERY snowy!  Leah had a great time, the rest of us hated the shoveling.

We also we went to San Francisco.  As part of our trip, we went to Chinatown and we had to find the China gate, which was the hardest thing to find during the whole trip but we did it!!  As we were turning this corner, Matt yelled, “there it is, there it is” and we quickly snapped the picture.




Early in the year, my uncle came to visit and we had a lot of fun.  Here he is with my son, Justin at the Discovery Museum. Don’t they look sooo excited to be there!  We also went to the Please Touch Museum.  Leah loved it…check out that little, happy face!!


My husband and I received a great gift from his parents – tickets to see the Green Day musical in New York  City.  Michael and I took Amtrak up to the city and the show was great.  Btw, I love Amtrak — riding the train is an experience everyone must try!    For my son’s birthday, we went to Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Miami…this dessert was the BEST I’ve ever had (although Matt dind’t agree)!!!

Also, my niece graduated from college.  We were lucky enough to see the actual event in Charlotte, NC.  CONGRATULATIONS, Jamie!!

In July, we followed our tradition of seeing fireworks at our local high school.  These are the BEST fireworks I’ve ever seen (I know it’s hard to believe but you are so close!)  The second picture is of Leah sleeping.  She stayed awake right up until the fireworks started and then, immediately fell asleep. 



This picture is from our trip to Phoenix.  We stayed at a hotel with an attached water park.  That part was great.  What wasn’t so great was the heat…not sure in those conditions you can even tell you are submerged in water (is it sweat, is it a pool? who knows, we’re in Phoenix…in July)! 



In August, Michael turned 40 and we celebrated with a huge birthday party!  One of the many things we had was a sushi bar (with two sushi chefs) set up in our kitchen.  This was a great idea that everyone really loved.  Fun!!

In the fall, we went to Washington, DC – can you say, road trip!


My husband and I went to Puerto Rico, just us (thanks to his parents watching our babies).  It was awesome!


This is a picture of my son Matt, Michael’s mom, Michael, Leah, and Michael’s dad.  It was taken at holilday time…Matt’s a little blury and Leah isn’t looking at the camera but I still love the shot (didn’t I tell you I need help!).

Okay, 2011…SMILE!!






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