What’s That Smell?

I’m very sensitive to smells.  There are certain smells I love and certain ones I hate.  There is really no middle ground.  And, when I find a smell I love, I’m committed to it – forever!  Just as an example, I found this soap that smells so good!  I went to the store to get more and…they didn’t have any – like they were not carrying it anymore;  I freaked out. 

I still had a bar or two left but then that was it.  What would happen?  I’d have to buy some other soap that would smell horrible, ugh – no way!  Then I happened to be in Target and thought, let me see if they have my soap – and they did!!!  I was so excited I bought four giant multi-bar packs. 

I told my husband when he got home and he said you should have bought two packs.  Um, yeah, two packs…good idea.  Now every time I’m in Target I buy two big packs, just in case, because I don’t ever want to run out of this soap!!  See, very sensitive.

So, when I was asked to review Purex’s new Complete Crystals’ Softener, I was a little nervous.    I received the sample and of course, smelled it first.   I was pleasantly surprised.  My nerves were lessening.  Then I checked out the deal on what the product actually does.  The new product is a laundry softener in crystal form.  Here are all the details!

Time to test it out!  I added directly into my front loader washer, pushed a few buttons and left the room (I’m over watching the spinning action of the front loader even though my daughter still loves it). 

It did its thing and when I switched the loads the crystals were magically gone.  I set the dryer and left.  When I heard the familiar peep that the load was ready for folding, I went in.  I was so excited!  But guess what, those crystals had not magically folded the load of laundry.  What’s going on here??  Oh wait, they never did promise that…fine, I’ll do it!

My nerves were back though as I pulled the clothes out and smelled.  Hhhhmmm…not bad, actually pretty good.  I took a towel to my kids and husband.  “Smell, smell.  What do you think?  Pretty good, huh?”  They looked at me like I was crazy (they don’t get into smells or laundry for that matter) but nodded in agreement.  Cool!

Okay, let me tell you two other cool parts…it comes three scents:  Lavender Blossom, Spring Waters, and Tropical Splash.


Now, let me tell you the coolest part, Purex has given me four coupons for a FREE bottle…so leave me a comment below if you’re interested and we’ll select randomly for the winners (that’s a $4-$6 value)!!

Disclosure: Purex provided the product for review. My opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was exchanged.


4 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  1. Free stuff I am always up for (so put me top of the list), though I will really be on board when the next gen Purex comes out that DOES do folding.

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