San Francisco Here We Come!

It’s time to put the Travel back into Happy Family Travels.  We’re heading to San Francisco soon!  We try to go every year to visit my husband’s family.  Last year, we had a really fun time.  This year we are planning to explore some new things.

We arrive before noon after taking an early flight (ugh!).  I’m not a huge fan of the San Fran airport – it’s just not family friendly.  So I’m leaving us plenty of time in the schedule to get through it. 

Once we have the car, we’ll head toward Berkley for lunch at the Cactus Taqueria.  We wanted to try Karma Kitchen but the hours don’t fit with our schedule.  After lunch, we’re off to the Lawrence Hall of Science.  It seems to have a variety of things for all ages, which is what we need.  I’ve added Mocha Art Museum on our tour after the science center.

I like to add a bunch of things into our trip agendas but keep my expectations in check.  If we’re having a great time at the science center, we’ll stay and pass on the Mocha Museum (sorry, Mocha).

Each night we plan to let the locals decide dinner plans.  If they get sick of us, we’ll pick places for dinner then.  The Residence Inn where we’re staying offers free WiFi, so we’ll be able to search but let me know if you have any suggestions!

The next afternoon, our niece is having her fifth birthday party at one of those little gym places.  My daughter Loves these places with a capital L (that’s why I capitalized it!).  Before the big party, we’re going to the zoo in Palo Alto, which is close to the party location.

The next morning we’re visiting my best friend from high school.  Cool, huh?  I’m very excited to see her and her family!  We’re also hoping to visit the Japanese Tea Garden and Carousel at Golden Gate Park.

And, we’re scheduled to leave the next day, ending our quick trip to the tropical destination of San Francisco.  I know it’s not really tropical but coming from eight inches of snow and temperatures below freezing, it is going to seem tropical to us!

Side note:  We’re also trying a sleep schedule change with my daughter in the hope she’ll sleep better with the time change (East Coast to West Coast).  We didn’t do this on our last trip to San Fran and it wasn’t a good time.  Waking at four am doesn’t make for a pretty day (for any of us). 

We did try to do this during our Phoenix trip with success.  I’ll fill you in on what we did and how it worked after the trip!

You tell me:


One thought on “San Francisco Here We Come!

  1. Are you going to the Palo Alto Jr. Museum? If so, stop by Philz coffee shop (it’s about a mile away)… it’s awesome! Seriously, if you like coffee you should go! Also, not too far away is the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga (about 20 min from palo alto).
    Have a great time!!
    Nicola @ Twisty Noodle

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