My Fab Five Bloggers? Here they are!

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Reading blogs is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  I just get lost in them.  Sometimes when I find one I really like, I check out a ton of the posts, going back through all the archives.  I almost feel like a stalker…I’m looking for more information, trying to get to know them better.  I sign up to be notified when they add a new post and get excited when I get the message they’ve blogged again.  It’s like getting a call from an old friend.

I have a ton of favorites but here is just my top five:

1.  New Dress a Day – This blog is inspiring!  Marisa lost her job and spent the last year redesigning $1 Good Will finds into something not only wearable but also fashionable.  Her sweet, fun posts filled with pictures gives you with the sense that anything is possible.

2. Two Kids and a Map – A mom who likes to travel.  How could I not like her?  Her posts have tons of interesting and helpful information.  She also seems like just a nice person who you want to share your travels with and hear about hers!

3.  Tahereh Mafi – An aspiring writer who is young, cool, and hip without a bit of pretense or angst.  Love her little grammar tips and funny, quick posts.  She makes me feel cooler just reading her stuff.

4.  Day Book – This blog comes from the cutest, sweetest young woman.  Have you been watching The Bachelor (another one of my guilty pleasures)?  One of the bachelorettes was talking about another girl, Emily.  She said, “She’s like a little Barbie doll but she has the soul of mother Teresa! You want to hate her, but you can’t hate Mother Teresa!”  This is Sydney.  I mean I watched her whole video on how to make your hair look great in a bun…even though my hair is waaay to short to put it in a bun!  Adorable outfits, adorable girl, adorable blog.

5.  A(n) (un)Common Family – This real mom adopted two of the cutest kids – e v e r!  She writes from the heart and not in a “snarky, life is just too hard” way but in an “it’s tough but I’m making the most of everything” way.  The stories about her daughter crack me up and let me know I’m not alone in trying to raise a happy, independent little girl.

Check out my blogging friends and let me know what you think.  Or if you have a few favorites, I’d love to hear about them!!

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5 thoughts on “My Fab Five Bloggers? Here they are!

  1. What an honor…thanks so much for the mention! I think we could spend some serious hours discussing travel over coffee! I am the same way about blogs…I can’t wait to see new articles pop up in my reader. I have met a few of the bloggers in real life and I can truly say that I call them friends. Here’s to hoping we can meet some day!

  2. Great site! you’re right, it is like get a nudge from an old friend, I love getting into blogs too.
    I would love it if you checked out mine at, we can exchange links if you like, I have a button on mine and I could add your button or link to mine!
    Take care,

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