Looking for a Good Book to Read?

Here are the books on my 2011 reading list! I started out with 12 but keep adding since my mother-in-law’s book club is focused and I get all her finished books. I’m up to 18. I’m nowhere near some people out there, like @jennsbookshelf who reads over 200 books per year (you can check out her reviews here).

Not all are from my mother-in-law. Some are books we’ve had around, like my son’s extra credit summer reading from junior year (which he never read). Some were a holiday gift for my younger son but thought it would be cool to get on board with reading something together (I missed out on the whole Harry Potter books with my older son…I know some will think I’m crazy but I just couldn’t get into those!).  A few are my husband’s favorites, which he thought would be fun for me to read.

This year, I’ve gotten off to a good start. I’m already done four of them. I’ll be sharing my reviews with you in upcoming posts and then you’ll know how I got through some of them sooo quickly (oh, Katniss you are my hero)! Let me know if you’ve read any of them and what you think.


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Good Book to Read?

  1. I am on #4 myself. Way ahead of last year! Can I also count the books my wife reads and tells me about? Then I am really doing well…

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