Celebrating My Spring Announcement

Shutterfly Announcement Celebration

Don’t you love Spring?  The flowers are blooming, the snow has melted, and the warm days are growing in number.  There is a sense of new life or one of breathing some fresh air into a life that’s here already.  Either way, it’s exciting.  This spring is a little more exciting for me than most.  My little boy is graduating high school. Okay, so he’s not so little any more, he’s actually quite big, bigger than me anyway!  It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting on the couch, holding him in my arms as his father left for work – the first morning I’d be by myself with him all day.  Needless to say, I was scared, which may be one reason he was colicky, he was probably just as scared to be alone all day with me.

Now he’s graduating from high school!  I thought I was fine with it all.  Even though I’m usually very sappy when it comes to these things, I was feeling happy about the whole thing.  I didn’t love the high school years and was so glad he had gotten accepted in his first (and only) college choice.

One afternoon, we went out to lunch, just the three kids and me.  We stopped in a place where some of my son’s friends work.  I, of course, made sure he was fine with us eating there, which he was (I’ve made it this far without him dying of embarrassment, no sense in pushing my luck).  We sat down, ordered and were waiting for our food, when one of his friends stopped at our table to say hi.

This was a boy who I hadn’t seen in a long while but remember quite well.  He went to boy scouts with my son when they were little.  There were quite a few Pinewood Derby car races, lots of troop meetings, and maybe one camping trip (I gave up on those after a deluge of rain during the first one).  I asked how he was, how his family was, where he was going to school, etc., etc.  He was so polite and answered all my questions with more than just the usual “yes/no” responses.  While he spoke I looked at his face, no longer boyish but that of a real young man.  After a few minutes, we let him get back to work.

As he walked away, I turned to look at my son and was overcome with emotion.  It was like I was just realizing he too, was a young man instead of my little boy.  I started crying.  Yes, I did.  And not little tiny tears but those great, big, fat tears that just fall out of your eyes.  I know, how embarrassing, right?

Both my boys were a flutter with concern, until I told them why I was crying.  My older son looked at me shaking his head.  My younger son did the same although with a bit less sympathy.  He handed me another napkin and I quickly pulled myself together.  It’s very emotional to recognize you’ve raised your child to become a nice, young adult who is about to embark on living their own life, making their dreams come true, and fulfilling their heart’s desire.

This is truly a time to celebrate! I can’t say I won’t cry more, in fact, I know I will.  But, my tears are truly tears of love and gratitude for an amazing young man who I can call my son!



Although announcing my son’s graduation in my blog is a “big” deal, I will be sending out announcements too.  Do you have a big announcement this Spring?  You can announce it through Shutterfly by signing up to follow my blog (top right/left column) and leaving a comment below.  We’ll be selecting for the following prizes:

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This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


One thought on “Celebrating My Spring Announcement

  1. Ronnie – I can’t believe he is going to college. It seems like he was just born yesterday. Good Luck. My son is 24 and I still can’t get over it.

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