Fun Phoenix Hotel

My husband travels quite frequently to Phoenix for business (as you might remember from our trip here last July).  This year we came at a better time of year…when you can actually survive outside for more than 30 seconds!  We stayed at the DoubleTree Guest Suites.  It’s a nice hotel and close to a lot of family attractions…more on that later.  For now, I thought we’d just have fun and look at some pictures of the place!

After checking in at the lobby, you actually exit into a courtyard and make your way to the glass elevators.  Here’s the courtyard (complete with fruit trees) and view from the elevator.

The pool is right across from the courtyard.  It gets the mid-day sun and is shaded by the late afternoon.

The suites are spacious.  Not a full kitchen but a microwave and small fridge.  The couch in the living room area pulls out to a sofa (about as comfy as you imagine it is).

The bathroom is pretty standard but I like that the entrance is on the living room side.  It’s so helpful when my little one is taking a nap or has gone to bed, we can use the bathroom without waking her.

Below is the view from our 5th floor courtyard facing room (pretty good).  If you’re staying here, this seems like a great area because it’s away from the pool noise.

Have you stayed in Phoenix?  Let me know where and how you liked it (because we’ll probably be back next year)!


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