Residence Inn Baltimore Downtown/ Inner Harbor Review

My husband travels quite a bit for work. He received a certificate from Marriott for a free night. We realized in November the expiration was the end of 2011. We quickly came up with a road trip so we could use that free night!

We decided on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. It’s only about a two-hour drive and there is a Residence Inn close to the Harbor – perfect. You can read about the whole trip here. But here’s the lowdown on just the hotel.

Here are the things we liked:

    1. Residence Inn always offers a separate bedroom, which is great when you have little ones who go to bed earlier than you. You get to put them to bed in one room and stay awake in the other…although on some trips, you might want to go to sleep by 8pm.
    2. The rooms at this Residence Inn seems newly remodeled. The furniture, kitchen area, and accessories were all new and very nice.
    3. Breakfast is included. I love when breakfast is included, especially at Residence Inns. They really offer a variety of things (eggs, sausage, cereal, oatmeal, etc.). They also offer those make-your-own waffles. I love those.
    4. They offered valet parking.*
    5. It’s really close to the Harbor, only about three quick walking blocks away.
    6. About one block away is a CVS where you can get waters or late-night ice cream.

Here are the things we didn’t love:

    1. The elevator requires your room key to be swiped before you can go upstairs. Okay, maybe I should like it from a security perspective but it was a pain. Also, one of the elevator’s swiper was broken so you didn’t need to swipe it – I mean I liked that I didn’t have to swipe but if I’m supposed to swipe, shouldn’t it work?
    2. This is really silly to complain about but…you know how I said above I love those make-your-own waffles, well, although they had them, the waffle maker was in a different area from the rest of the food. I saw it when I came in but by the time I got my little one situated with breakfast, I’d forgotten about them, until I walked out. Then I was upset that I’d missed them!
    3. The pullout sofa was uncomfortable but I don’t think I’ve ever met a comfortable pullout sofa.
    4. *Valet parking is the only option for your car and it’s $32 per day.

I didn’t take any pictures in the room before we actually stayed there (and messed it up!).

But here is one picture of the kids in the hallway as we’re leaving.

And here’s one of Leah playing in the lounge area while Matt chills on the huge couch…

The bottom line…

the Residence Inn Baltimore/Inner Harbor at 17 Light Street
is a great place to stay if you’re visiting Baltimore Inner Harbor,
especially if you have kids!


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