24 Hours in Baltimore – Part 1

In December we decided to take a quick road trip!

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa…..road trip! 
(Leah’s reaction to a road trip!)

We decided to go to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s only about a two hour drive so not too bad as road trips go. We left the day after Christmas around 10am. Of course, we wanted to leave around 9am but you know how that goes. We weren’t on any strict schedule so it wasn’t a big deal.

But we were prepared!

Leah has been known to get car sick. We always have our “Go” bag in the back seat. It is a plastic bag and it contains two additional plastic bags, some old hand towels (that can be thrown out if needed) and a bunch of paper towels folded up together. We take this when we fly too because eventually we end up in a car and we’ve found no rhyme or reason to her car sickness (meaning it could strike at any time: 15 minutes, 60 minutes or two hours into the ride).

We’re ready!

Our plan was to drive to Fells Point, stop for lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe, and walk around the piers a bit. This plan started because I’d heard about the Blue Moon Cafe (I can’t remember where from) and when I saw the menu and read the owner’s story, I couldn’t resist.

We made good time getting down there. There was no traffic and the weather was beautiful! We drove by the Blue Moon Cafe and it seemed like there were people waiting outside. Okay, there were people waiting outside, it was obvious but I didn’t want to believe it. We found a parking spot on the street and paid the meter (or kiosk, meters are so 1990s).

We walked to the restaurant and went in…it was packed! The host told us it would be a 45-60 minute wait. The place is really, really small and although the weather was quite nice, it wasn’t nice enough to wait outside for an hour. Boo! My plan was ruined.

Two travel tips here:

1. Don’t be too attached to your plan, it will only create a sense of disappoint and nobody needs that disappointment on a fun trip.

2. Have a plan B.

The second point comes into play because without a Plan B, you may be walking around aimlessly for a while, until you find a new place to eat that works for your family…like we did! The worst part is I know this tip…I’ve posted it before!

Anyway, we decided on Jimmy’s Restaurant. They don’t offer a website (can you believe it?) so I can’t link to them. It was a breakfast place too and crowded but we only waited about five minutes for a table. It’s more like a greasy spoon but it was good. I got creamed chipped beef on toast, which most people find yucky but I LOVE it. And, Jimmy’s didn’t disappoint.

After eating, we walked around the pier a bit, which was fun. I imagine this place in the summer great for people watching!

Love this pic!

Next stop, our hotel at the Inner Harbor


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