24 Hours in Baltimore – Part 2

You can read Part 1 here.

We made our way to our hotel, the Residence Inn Baltimore/Inner Harbor (check my review here). We were able to check in early so we dropped our bags and went right out. The Inner Harbor is about three blocks from the hotel (not too far!).

The kids enjoyed playing on the huge anchors at the USS Constellation.

Then it was on to the Paddle Boats.

Side note: My husband and son think these are called Pedal Boats because you actually have to pedal them to make them go but I looked it up, they are called Paddle Boats.

I think it was about $18 for 30 minutes. We didn’t last 30 minutes.
It was a bit chilly – but we still had fun.

We walked through some of the shops and took the most time at It’s Sugar, as my daughter walked around smelling most of the candy (weird, but true).

Then it was back to the hotel, just as it started to shower. I stopped at the CVS on the way to get us some water (and ice cream for later). We wanted crabs and had done a bunch of research on good places close by but we couldn’t choose.

My husband decided to ask the front desk clerk, who suggested Mo’s Crab and Pasta Factory. And the best part, the restaurant offers a shuttle there and back! A shuttle, who knew? That sold it for us.

We weren’t disappointed either. I mean the shuttle was a little yucky but not too bad. The place didn’t have a lot of atmosphere but our waitress was so nice. She entertained Leah the whole time, even when she wasn’t at the table, she was giving her little waves across the room – Leah loved it.

We had a bunch of crabs, which we cracked and loved (sorry no pictures because when I realized we needed a picture, my fingers were covered with old bay seasoning!).

We got the shuttle home, had our ice cream, and put Leah to bed. The three of us watched football in the living room area. My husband’s fantasy football season was riding on this last game and…he won! I know, you were holding your breath. Needless to say, he was VERY excited!

The next morning we made our way to the free breakfast downstairs and then out into the rain to get to the Aquarium. I’ve been there before with Matt but it was even better than we remembered. They have a lot of amazing fish and great viewing areas.

My favorite part was in the rain forest area. There are these spitting fish. The worker puts a stick into a container full of crickets until one hops on the stick. She then holds the stick over the pool of fish and they spit a stream of water knocking the cricket off the stick and into the water. The fish then eat the cricket! A-mazing!

All the workers at the aquarium were really friendly and helpful. They have lockers to store your stuff (they do require tokens so be sure to have change or bear the wrath of walking around with $1 coins jangling around in your pocket).

We loved the huge tank with all the big fish, especially Calypso – the three-finned turtle (who has his own facebook page, of course). He swam in too cold water and he got an infection. They had to amputate the fin to save his life. And, now he lives in Baltimore because I don’t know if you’ve guessed this but three-finned turtles don’t do well in the wild.

We also loved the jellyfish exhibit.

So many cool creatures!

We spent about two hours in the aquarium. Actually my husband and daughter could have stayed longer but my son and I were done. We made a quick run to Chipotle’s for lunch.

Michael then ran back to the hotel in the rain, got the car (he’s so sweet) and we headed home for our lonnnng drive. Wet roads and lots of traffic. Ugh! But, good news, Leah didn’t throw up going back either!

Put this trip in the success column!



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