Happy New Year (no, I’m not 3 weeks late!)

I swear, I’m not late! We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year!

So, Happy New Year!

The official date is Monday, January 23. It’s the year of the dragon.
Here’s what we’re doing.


    • Chinese Dragons (see below)

Main Menu:

    • Steamed Dumplings (store-bought)
    • Sesame Soy Noodles with Mixed Veggies (my own recipe)
    • Pickled Cabbage Slaw (my own recipe)



Chinese Dragons

For our celebration, we decided to make Chinese dragons. I’ve been collecting empty toilet paper rolls for months. Finally, I had a craft we could use them for, yippee!

Here is the final dragon:

Here are the steps to make the dragon.

1. Paint toilet paper rolls green:

2. Let the paint dry (this is by far the hardest step, for a three year-old). No picture needed.

3. Cut orange and yellow tissue paper into thin strips. This was great for Leah to practice her cutting.

4. Throw in a little extra learning and let your helper count the strips. You can then distribute them evenly for your dragons.

5. Once the toilet paper rolls are dry, gather the tissue paper in various yellow and orange strips (I used about five strips), fan them out a bit, then staple them inside the end of one of the tubes. Sorry, no picture.

6. Draw eyes and nose on the toilet paper rolls. You can see the ones I drew and the ones Leah drew. The concept of just drawing eyes on a face is lost on Leah. When you draw eyes you obviously have to draw a whole face.

Leah with her angry dragon face!

Leah with her happy dragon face!

The final product was strung up on gold ribbon and hung across our island counter area. This was Leah’s idea and I think a good one. Here she is!

PS – Don’t you just love that full on leopard print outfit!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


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