Snowman Craft Day

It has been unseasonable warm in the Northeast. We got one day of snow in November. No snow in December and one yucky, slushy snow day in January.

I’m not really complaining, I actually love it. But, we haven’t been able to make any snowmen or wear “our” new Hello Kitty snow boots. To fix the situation, we decided to make snowmen inside. This craft is so simple but we enjoyed it.


We took three white paper plates. Then we cut off the ridges (snowmen don’t have ridges). I drew a line so Leah could practice her cutting. We cut two of the plates the same size and the third plate a bit smaller.

Side note: Her preschool teacher told us she needs to work on her fine-motor skills and cutting helps. All three of my kids have had preschool trouble with fine-motor skills, what’s up with that? I really thought Leah was going to break the cycle but not so…


I drew xxx’s on the top of the two biggest plates. Leah put glue on the xxx’s and we glued the top of one plate to the bottom of another and the top of those two plates to the bottom of the smallest plate.


We practiced counting as we held the plates together so they could dry.

Side note: We did have newspaper under our work area, which was a good idea. Some times I get lazy and don’t feel like finding newspaper or something else to put under our work surface. Big mistake, as evident from our patio table, which is now stained with yellow and green paint that refused to come off. I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson for good now!


Leah got some new paints for the holidays so we then painted faces on each and painted their bodies.


After leaving them dry for a sufficient amount of time, I cut ribbon and tied it around their necks as scarfs. This came out better than I thought.

We made four of them. When they were all done, Leah was so excited! I wasn’t sure where to hang them up but Leah suggested we put one on the back of each person’s chair at the dinner table. What an awesome idea! So we did it.

Here is Leah with the final work (and check out the Hello Kitty boots!).


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