Top Five Craft Rules

My daughter is at the perfect age for preschool crafts! We’ve been spending a lot of time gluing, cutting, coloring, and generally having a great time. There are some lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

Here are the top five rules (I’ve found) when doing preschooler “projects” (as Leah likes to call them):

Rule Number Five:

5. Hair Up
My daughter has shoulder length hair. I always pull it back in barrettes but it’s not enough. You must pull it all the way back in a pony tail. Don’t even try to get away with pigtails.

Here’s why, when she puts her head down to look at what she’s doing, all the hair falls forward. She then has to use her messy hands to brush it out of her face.

Messy hands on hair = messy hair.

And forget hands, have you seen a preschooler with a paint brush? Um, they are crazy. That paint brush can go anywhere but seems to have a magnetic attraction to hair.

Rule Number Four:

4. Cover Surfaces
Always cover your work area. No matter what you are doing, cover the work area. This has been a hard lesson for me. Don’t believe me, check our patio table. We did a craft out there with what I thought were washable paints.

I figured it was outside and I could hose any mess off the metal table. Um, no. There is still paint out there – it’s stronger than our mail lady…hanging on through rain, sleet, and snow!

Rule Number Three

3. Cover Clothes
Similar to the rule above, cover their clothes and if possible yours! I’m starting to use a big, old t-shirt with all sleeves rolled up. This has been a tough one for me too. I’ve been lucky with the paint that’s gotten on our clothes, it’s all come off. I haven’t been as lucky with play doh stuck in her tights.

Just cover them up – it only takes a second and is so worth it.

Rule Number Two:

2. Let Them Do It
The three rules above are the more obvious ones (even though they are tough for me). This one is a bit harder. I have a tendency to want the projects to look perfect. I don’t like it when the googly eyes are off center, let alone not even in the eye area! I tend to try and…take over.

Luckily my daughter is very independent and doesn’t appreciate my help. I found it hard to believe too but once I stopped feeling indignant, I realized it was a good thing.

It’s their project, it’s their fun – let them do it!

Rule Number One:

1. Don’t be Afraid
Following Rule Number Four is scary. Letting go is scary. Not having a perfect, completed project is scary. But it’s also fun. It’s fun to be a little scared and when you see how much fun your preschooler is having, you’ll be glad you did.

So as with everything in life,

be fearless and have fun! 

Do you have any rules I’ve missed? Let me know!


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