My New Worst Enemy

Streptococcal pharyngitis

Yep, strep throat!
Why my new worst enemy, you ask?

Because strep throat is mean and cruel.

It’s a thief that stole a whole week of my life including; missing deadlines, an outing with my daughter, a long-planned play date and most importantly a overnight girls trip at the Ritz Carlton!!

And to make it even worse, I didn’t eat for a week and only lost like one pound! What kind of sickness doesn’t even give you the benefit of a good five pound weight loss???

Strep throat is supposed to be an illness generally acquired by school-aged children and teenagers. As much as I’d like to be in that category, I’m not. Not by a long shot. None-the-less, strep throat paid me a visit – an unwelcome visit.

First, I thought I was just under the weather. I had a few body aches and maybe a slight fever. I hung out on the couch and tried to soak up the kindness my family was showing me.

But, it just got worse and worse. By the third day, I could barely swallow, my throat hurt so much. My husband took me to the doctor and the diagnosis was revealed. <cue ominous music>

Strep throat.

Antibiotics prescribed. Oh and guess which antibiotic, amoxicillin. The antibiotic most commonly prescribed for my children’s illnesses. I mean, can’t I even get an adult antibiotic?

But it did help. I fought off my enemy. I started to feel better within a few days. Although, my throat continued to hurt and hurt and hurt. Now, I’m not a very good sick person but I swear, this was the worst I felt in about 5-10 years (inclusive of a pregnancy).

I’m just getting back in the game. It’s taken me some time to catch up on the laundry, cleaning the house, and just generally showering!

With my new worst enemy defeated I’m working on my goals, reintroducing my family to my healthy self, and scheduling another girls night out!

If you happen to see strep throat around, don’t go near it! You don’t want to tangle with this foe. Just move along quietly and get on with your life! And whatever you do, please don’t mention my name!

**I’m sparing you any pictures on this post because pictures of strep throat are disgusting!!!! And who really wants to see my piles of laundry or dirty house??**


6 thoughts on “My New Worst Enemy

  1. First of all, we missed you and will reschedule ASAP. Secondly, I agree on the cruelness of 1 lb weightloss, but the spanish fries and margs would have had you 5 lbs up! See you soon and stay healthy lady!

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