Chinese New Year Update

A few weeks ago, I planned a small, family celebration for the Chinese New Year. I like doing fun things. I like having parties. I like looking for silly ways to make any day different.

Why? Who knows? Maybe I’m just a fun person, maybe I like additional stress, maybe I have something to prove. I’m not sure. I am sure it says something  significant about my personality but who has time to figured out what that is.

The reason I’m even asking these things is because the party was kind of…a bust. I’m writing about it because I think it’s important to hear the good stuff and not so good stuff. Not everything goes perfectly!

When I read other blogs or hear others fun stories everything always seems so perfect – even though I know it’s not. I like to hear about when things aren’t so perfect, and thought you would too!

Here’s what happened…

We planned to celebrate on the actual day but my daughter was sick, so it got pushed back until she was feeling better. Then my husband had to work late, so pushed back another day. We finally celebrated on that Friday instead of Monday. Loser.

In the first post, I explained the craft we did – Chinese Dragons. This part went smoothly. We had fun, it was easy, and came out nicely. We had the dragons hanging up for about two weeks.

I also took the time to set the table with just some red and gold tissue paper and bamboo placemats. It looked pretty good. Winner.

I was going to make Steamed Dumplings but I completely forgot about them so we didn’t have those. I did make Sesame Soy Noodles with Mixed Veggies, which everyone enjoyed. I even served it in Chinese take out boxes (now that was fun!). Finally, I made some Pickled Cabbage Slaw, which my husband and son enjoyed but my daughter and I didn’t love. Semi-Loser.

I made the Pineapple Tarts. I’m not good with desserts. This was one of those recipes I thought seemed easy until I started really reading it, which was then too late. I had to strain the crushed pineapple and spent the next three days trying to get little bits of pineapple out of my strainer.

And, did I have to cook the pineapple and sugar for an hour?? No, I didn’t! Because it pretty much looked EXACTLY the same as when I started cooking it!!

When they were finally done, I hated them – yuck! My son and husband liked them though – are you like me and begining to wonder if they’ll just eat anything!! Loser.

The first fun thing I had planned was to print out each of our Chinese horoscopes, which I did. We read them out loud at dinner.

Here’s a tip…three year-olds don’t want to listen to a page about people’s personalities, surprisingly even when it’s about them! Save this activity for older people.

The second thing I had planned was to make paper fortune cookies. This craft looked so cute! It uses cupcake baking liners folded with your own fortunes inside them. Cute, right?

NO! Not cute!

Let me tell you, cupcake baking liners don’t want to be folded and they don’t want to be glued! You would think that thin paper would glue easily – well, it doesn’t! You can hold it for 10 minutes and it still won’t hold! It will just keep popping open, it doesn’t care.

Oh, and guess what else…seems three year-olds don’t really care about hearing their fortune, even though their mom spent a huge amount of time thinking of fun, cute, creative fortunes for them and trying to glue them into cupcake baking liners! Big loser!!

You can do the math – the amount of losers far surpass the winners! Just wanted to keep it real, and let you know that it doesn’t always work out they way you expect. I was still licking my wounds and didn’t plan anything overboard for Valentine’s Day. I’m not giving up though. Look out St. Patty’s Day…I’ve got some fun in the works!!

Do you have any things I should try or
(more importantly) stay away from
for St. Patty’s Day?

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