10 Ideas to Never Forget Your Unforgettable Trip

Have you ever had one of those fantastic trip? I mean really awesome trips? One that you don’t want to come home from? One that you want to remember forever?

I’ve had them, a lot of them (I’ve also had some of those other ones too. The ones I wish I could forget…but those make for great dinner stories). Here are my top 10 ways to keep those good trips in your memory forever!

1. Enjoy It

Have a party! Bring all your friends from the trip over and serve some local foods from the region you visited. This is a great time to share pictures too!

 2. Scrap It

Now you’ve got all the pictures, what are you going to do? Create a scrapbook! You can do it manually, which I love and envy, or you can do it online (Shutterfly, Mixbook, etc.), which is my preferred method. I like to make extra copies – one for me to have and one for other trip goers (in fact, for our family trips I make one for each of my kids and give them as gifts during the holidays).

3. Play It

When we were sailing in Greece, we played music on the boat. It was awesome and when I listen to those songs now, I can’t help but think of the great time we had on that trip! When you come home, play music from your trip destination or music that you listened to on the trip.

4. Read It

Usually you purchase a book about your destination before you go but how about when you come back. You can purchase (or reread) a guide book to relive the destination or find out what you missed for the next time you go. Or better yet, read a fiction book set in your trip’s destination. You get a different perspective while remembering your good time.

5. Eat It

Find a restaurant that offers the same type of cuisine you had on your trip. Or you can try your hand at making some of the food at home (you might even want to purchase a local cookbook while you’re there). You might come close to the “real” thing or you and your travel partners can analyze the differences.

6. Plant It

Find a plant that grows locally and grow it in your own home. Even more cool, put some shells or rocks collected from your trip on top of the planter. Oh what, you want to be more cool? Give the plants as gifts – your travel partners will be able to remember the trip too and you’ll love it when you visit them and see it thriving!

7. Post It

No, I don’t mean post a blog article (although that does work well). I mean buy some postcards while on your trip. Wait a bit, and then send them to your fellow travelers. The best recipients – your kids! They love to get mail and it makes a great reminder of the trip!

8. Frame It

Create a picture collage with some of your best photos from the trip. Or just frame a few beautiful single shots. Place these around your home or again, giving them as gifts is always appreciated.

 9. Email It

Whenever you’re remembering your trip, shoot a quick email off to your travel mates (like your friends or husband) letting them know you were thinking about a special memory. Make it specific though so it brings back the good feelings of the trip. You can do the same thing with your kids (at dinner or bedtime – email probably won’t work with them).

 10. Plan It

Start planning your next trip. Whether it’s to a new destination or revisiting the same place you just return from. There’s no better way to bring it back to life. Even if you can’t go for a long while, a few minutes thinking about what will be goes a long way.

What are your favorites?
What are the best ways you keep
your trip memories alive?

5 thoughts on “10 Ideas to Never Forget Your Unforgettable Trip

  1. Love all of these ideas!! We went on a trip to Disneyland last year and I took short 30 second clips throughout the trip. When I got home I combined them all and now it’s the neatest little home video. The kids love to watch it!

  2. Great ideas Ronnie! We’re going to Orlando next month and I’ll use some of these tips. I have too many pictures sitting on my computer from past trips. Can’t believe our little baby boys are going into high school this year. How the hell did that happen? Hope your gang is doing well!

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