Yarn Hearts – Worst Craft Ever

Although we didn’t do a huge Valentine’s celebration or party, I did attempt to do a Valentine’s Day craft with Leah. Well, my bad “Year of the Dragon” luck continued because it was one of the worst crafts we’ve attempted yet.

The idea was to cut different lengths of red, pink, and white yarn. Then cut hearts out of construction paper and glue the various lengths of yarn all around the inside of the heart. Let it dry and you have some pretty yarn hearts for Valentine’s Day – that’s it…sounds so simple, right?

No! Not simple!

Wait, I take that back, it was simple. It was also a mess. A total and complete mess.

Maybe some of you called it as soon as you read it but I didn’t. I thought it would be fun. Here’s what happen, the glue wouldn’t hold down the yarn when it crossed over itself (maybe I need new glue). So, we kept adding more glue. And, then a little more glue. And possibly even more glue. Yes.

Guess what we got? A complete gluey mess. Of course – you guessed that one, right?

Leah’s hands were mess, my hands were a mess, and then she just started to jam bunches of yarn into a big pile of glue (instead of stringing it across the heart).

By the time we were done, the construction paper was so wet with glue it started to curl up on the edges and then dried that way (curled up).

Here’s a picture:

Look how shiny it looks – that’s all the glue!

Here’s my suggestion: NEVER MAKE YARN HEARTS – it’s just not a good idea.

Please warn me in advance –
what crafts should I avoid???

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