Annoying…Top 3 of the Week

Some people (you know who you are) have mentioned that I get annoyed easily. You know what I thought, “that’s annoying!” Just kidding. I thought, they are probably right. I do tend to get annoyed easily.

So then I thought, I should share a little bit.

I mean, if I’m annoyed, shouldn’t everybody be annoyed? Or at least you can tell me if I’m overreacting or I’m justified. I mean, it won’t matter, I’m still going to be annoyed but I’d love to know what you think!

In no particular order, here are the top three things that annoyed me this week:

1. Drive Your Car

Why don’t people like to actually drive their car? I mean, when the light turns green go, already! This week, I’m waiting to make a right on red (it’s legal where I live). Except some inconsiderate driver “blocks the box” (not sure what that means – check it here). I could end right there, right? That’s annoying! But no…

So, I’m waiting. Finally, the driver in front of the “box blocker” is able to go – except doesn’t! They are just sitting there, so I honk. Then the “box blocker” honks. Then I honk again.

This person is not going. I start to think “oh my goodness, the person probably had a heart attack and is unconscious in their car.” Then I’m feeling bad for honking and thinking about getting out to check on them – and then…they go!!!!!

They were fine!! What were they doing?? Checking their phone? Putting on makeup? Reading their Kindle? I don’t know but I do know I’m annoyed because my whole green light has come and gone (see that’s a long time) and now I have to wait AGAIN!

2. Preschooler Craft Stamina

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that preschoolers do not have the stamina to make good crafts. I’m a tiny bit annoyed by this. What I’m more annoyed about is that when I search for preschooler crafts I find these seemingly great projects. When I try these projects, they either don’t look as a-mazing as the pictures or it’s way too difficult for my preschooler or it takes too long and she loses interest.

It’s like mothers who do their kids class projects. Don’t show me a picture of a craft you made! Show me a picture of the one the preschooler did!!

3. Parking Tickets

This is not what you think!

I live in a corner house. The side street has a sign that says “parking by permit only.” We live within walking distance to a commuter train. The warning is supposed to be so daily commuters don’t park on residential streets.

When I moved in, I was so worried about getting ticketed but it was never a problem. I’ve lived here for 5+ years and it has NEVER been a problem. And yes, commuters park on my street, in front of my house! It’s not usually a big deal. It’s not usually everyday.

There have been days though that they park so close to the end of my driveway that I can barely get out (I mean it’s not the “big city”…we’re not fighting for every inch of space, pull your car up a little bit…but I digress).

My best friend came by the other day and parked on the street. We left together after she was there about 15 minutes and she had a ticket.

A ticket from my local police because she parked in front of my house!


As we were driving away I saw the policer officer and stopped to ask him about it. It seems they are starting to enforce the permit parking. Great! Awesome! Love it!

Except, how about you give the residents some notice? And, my friend is NOT going to be the first person to get a ticket (my guest, after only 15 minutes)!! Needless to say, we’ve call the township!

Now, what do you think?
Annoying, right?
I’m justified, right?

3 thoughts on “Annoying…Top 3 of the Week

  1. Oh boy. Now you’ve gotten ME started! I have a few more…
    1) people who refuse to stay inside the lines and decide to take up TWO parking spaces!
    2) people who, despite my blinker being on, speed up so I can’t change lanes- especially when we’re in traffic and being one car ahead of me doesn’t really get them closer to their destination
    3) getting a car full of second-hand smoke while driving behind a car in which the driver is smoking- yuck!

    Can you tell I do a lot of driving? 😉

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