Let’s Stay: Hilton Rose Hall Montego Bay, Jamaica

Recently, we went to Jamaica. It was a great winter retreat and we had an awesome time. Check all the details here!

We stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall, which is an all-inclusive.


It is only about 10 minutes from the airport and right on the beach, both of which I loved. They don’t offer a shuttle so you’ll need to arrange transportation. I was surprised being so close to the airport, I never once saw or heard an airplane.

Main Areas

The lobby is very nice. We received a welcome drink (non-alcoholic) upon arrival – yum! They have huge wooden sculptures in fun places (like an alligator under a bench). My daughter loved finding those.

The gift shop is pretty big and you can find almost anything.

A hotel photographer captures random shots during your stay. To purchase, you’ll find their desk in the lobby but be sure you have plenty of time when you want to review and/or purchase your pics – it takes a while!

Outside Areas

The main pool is beautiful – the view from the lobby is breath-taking. We didn’t spend much time there though – the water park area with shallow pool into the lazy river and two slides is awesome..oh, and swim-up bar…check!

The beach is pretty with tons of water sports. However, it’s a bit narrow and sloped. We didn’t spend much time there either, again, the water park area held our interest. It is something to consider if you want a lot of beach time.

There are also lots of outside games available. Chess, ping pong, bean bag toss, and others. And, they have a great playground area. We used all of these!


The rooms are nice. We had connecting rooms.When we checked in (a little early) only one was ready. They let us check into that one and the second was done pretty quickly after. They also had quite an eclectic collection of bath products.


The service is fine. Nothing super bad or super special. I like when people are friendly. I know it’s not their vacation but I want them to be happy too. They did go out of their way for the kids though – that was nice.

My one suggestion for improvement is better clean-up of the outside areas.There just seemed to always be empty cups and general trash needing to be thrown away – not horrible but noticeable.


Fresh: This is the buffet place. We had every breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner there. It serves a nice balance of different types of food. There are a lot of “regular” things and a lot of local offerings too. There is also a frozen yogurt machine. Yum! Double yum! Triple yum! How many “yums” can I do because that’s how many I want here!

Seaside Grill: This is an outside place overlooking the sea (surprising?). The food was more local but you could get a burger and fries. We had two lunches here…thumbs up.

Luna Di Mare: This is the Italian place (you gotta have one, right?), which needed reservations. My suggestion is to decide at the beginning of your trip where you want to eat, which night. Make the reservations at check-in. If you change your mind, just cancel but at least you’re covered. This place is fine – nothing special. I live in a place where you can’t get anything but awesome Italian food, it’s hard to impress me in this category. One dinner here.

Three Palms: Another reservation place – this is the high-end place on the golf course. You have to take a shuttle from the lobby to get there. It’s only across the street but it’s up a hill and hidden so don’t try walking! The food is fine here too – nothing too special. One dinner here.

Mangoes: We didn’t go here – it’s just the little table area by the pool.

Special note: Try the Bob Marley drink…colors of the Jamaican flag (green, yellow, and read) and it’s yummy!

Here’s what I loved:

  • location
  • setting
  • outside amenities

Here’s what I liked:

  • food
  • service

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • outside cleanliness
  • size of the beach
Have you stayed at the Hilton
or in Montego Bay?

Full disclosure: some of the pictures above are from the Hilton web site since mine didn’t come out as good (imagine that). I think you’ll be able to tell which ones!


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