Rainbows Without the Rain

You might have read my St. Patty’s Day party plan. Part of the decorations included making rainbows similar to this but I was going to use tissue paper. Fun!

This craft started out so well!!

Leah and I were both excited to get started. We selected all the different colors of tissue paper.

Now, before you see the pictures, I’m going to tell you that I know pink is NOT in the “regular” rainbow but my daughter wanted pink so we added it.

I cut a piece of poster board (I’ve learned you need thicker stock when a lot of glue is needed). I drew a rainbow on the paper and added an initial of the colors that were supposed to go on each band.

Then, I cut the red tissue paper and showed Leah how to crinkle (isn’t that such a cute word) it and glue it to the paper. She started and I continued cutting the tissue. I probably could have extended this and let her cut the tissue paper but honestly I wasn’t in the mood (bad mom, I know).

Everything was going great! It was awesome. You might remember my post on the yarn hearts or “worse craft ever”…well, I was preparing the title for this post in my head –

Redeemed: Best Craft Ever


From Best to Worst

…you know, something cool like that.

Here’s a shot mid-work…better known as the good ole’ days:

So happy, right? Then…Leah got bored. Seems crinkling (still cute) up paper and gluing it in a particular place isn’t as much fun as one thinks. While I was finishing cutting the paper, here’s what she was working on:

Yep, whole other piece of paper – whole other “project.”

So, I started working on the real rainbow project. When Leah was done her project, she left the room. Here’s what she’d rather do:

Anyway, we did finish the rainbow. I like to think of it as a “team project.” Here’s Leah showing off both projects.

End result, we had fun but I would wait for her to be a bit older before trying something like this again.

It did come out pretty cool though,
don’t you think?

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