Three Tips for the Montego Bay Airport, Jamaica

If you are flying into the Montego Bay Airport in Jamica, here are three quick tips to help make your trip a little smoother!

1. Complete all forms

They will give you the customs forms on the plane prior to departure. Fill it out completely! There is a portion that seems like you don’t need to do because it’s for your return. However, you HAVE to complete that part too before you can get into the customs line. Trust me, when you see that line, you won’t want to be watching other people get in front of you while you finish filling out that stupid form!

2. Wear flat shoes

This airport is huge! Why? I’m not sure but when you get off that flight, you have to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk (and walk some more) to get to customs. There’s not a lot of steps or escalators so if you have kids, strollers aren’t a problem but man, enough already – let’s just get there!

3. Eat before you go

This is more for returning but don’t go to the airport hungry. There are some places but there’s nothing great. You’ll wind up spending a lot of money for not such good food. And, don’t get all excited by the Wendy’s thinking you’re going to get a taste of home you (or more likely your kids) might be missing – it’s just not the same!

That’s it – now you’re set. Go have a great trip!

Have you been to
the Montego Bay Airport?
What did you think?

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