Ooohhh, the Ballet…

When I was a little girl I took all kinds of dancing lessons. I think some doctor told my mother I was an uncoordinated baby (is that even possible – an uncoordinated baby?) so to counter act that, they enrolled me in ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastic, modeling, and baton. Oh yeah, I was busy and that was before anyone heard of “over-scheduled.”

I have a million stories about this time in my life (from falling off a balance beam to forgetting my routine in front of a gymnasium filled with people) but I’ll save those for another post (maybe two).

By far my favorite was ballet – it was not what I was best at but it was my favorite. I just thought it was so graceful and fluid and overall classy, something I always wanted to be.

However, I’d never been to a live professional ballet performance. No, not even The Nutcracker. I know, isn’t that hard to believe! Needless to say, when my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a performance I jumped at the chance. I was so excited!

We went to see Pushing Boundaries performed by The Pennsylvania Ballet at the Merriam Theater. The program was as follows:

The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude
William Forsythe // Music by Franz Schubert
Matthew Neenan // Music by Alexander Borodin & Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Matthew Neenan // Music by Rufus Wainwright

Here’s the first thing to note – you don’t have to dress up in your finest to go to the ballet. In fact, you can wear almost anything. We went casual but nice. My husband saw a guy in a hoodie and was like “Come on man, at least try a little bit.”

We sit down, the lights dim, and the first performance begins. Now, this is a modern ballet so the girls come out in these kind of odd “mushroom” type tutus. There were only four dancers and it was…okay. I was a tiny bit disappointed.

Here’s the next thing to note as soon as the first dance was done, the lights came up. Huh? Yes, an intermission. A 15 minute intermission. I mean my seat was barely warm.

Finally, lights dim and the next dance begins. This one was really beautiful. The costumes were so pretty and there were about 10 dancers. It was more like a story and was cool.

Next note another 15 minute intermission. Oh, and people were bringing drinks in there! What!? Open cups of soda (I’m guessing it was soda, I’m not 100% sure). Ugh…who is cleaning that up?

Then the third (and final) dance begins. It was AWESOME! I loved it. The costumes were almost like linen garments but they were just so simple and light – just pretty. And the music was fantastic – it had lyrics and was so cool. You can check out my favorite song here. The entire cast danced in this performance and they did an amazing job – just amazing.

I would totally recommend seeing a ballet performance and guess what – if you hate it, don’t worry, it doesn’t last that long!

Have you ever gone
to the ballet?
What did you think?

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