Annoying…Top Three This Week

This week has been a really fun week but there are still some things that annoyed me. I know…you’re not surprised. In no particular order, here’s my top three of the week:

1. I’m Honest

“I don’t mean to hurt people’s feelings, I’m just honest.” Honestly, I’m sick of hearing people say this.

You know what it means to me? It means, you have no tact and don’t care about hurting people’s feelings. It means you are not nice.

It’s like insulting someone but saying “no offense” first. If you have to say “no offense” before you say something you already know it’s going to be offensive. Don’t say it.

You don’t have to be totally “honest” ALL the time. You don’t have to say every single thing that comes into your brain. Find your filter and use it, please.

2. Rude Smokers

Linda commented on the previous annoying things post. She was annoyed with drivers who smoke. I’m with her and take it one step further. I’m annoyed by people smoking in crowds and then throwing their butts on the ground.

Come on, that’s just gross and it’s littering.

3. Holding Seats

So, we go to this crowded function with bleacher seating. No reserved seats, just a find your own seat type of thing. We got there when the majority of people were seated so we were looking for any space to sit.

I see a bunch of teenage girls sitting on a bench with their feet up on the bench in front of them – right, already annoying. Hold on though – that’s not even it!

There was also a little space left on another bench located one lower than the “foot” bench. Two women and a child were asking the people on that bench to move over, which they were doing and they were sitting down.

We go over and I ask the girls if anyone is sitting on their “feet” bench and they say “no” right away and take their feet down. Then the woman on the lower bench hears that and moves up to that bench!!!!  What???

She brings up the other two and when we start to go up there too (there was a lot of space), she says “no, she’s saving those seats for more people in her party.” What????

So my daughter and I take her seat on the lower bench now and the two others in our party are left without a place to sit! They move over to the side and are standing. After a few minutes pass of her saving the seats, I tell her, “this is ridiculous and she shouldn’t be saving seats when there are people waiting.”

Of course she looks at me like she doesn’t understand what I’m saying! And finally, the rest of her party comes. Now come on – that is annoying!!!!

What do you think?
What’s been annoying you this week?

One thought on “Annoying…Top Three This Week

  1. Very annoying for sure…especially the saving seats thing. I can relate. Another annoyance I would add is when folks just stop dead to talk in the middle of busy walking areas or events. Like what they are doing is so much more important than everyone else around them. Ugh!

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