The Mousetrap

Matt, my son, and I had the opportunity to go to a play recently. At first we were told the play was  Of Mice and Men. We were both excited because we were recently watching The Middle (this show is so funny – check it out here) and they were referencing the book throughout the whole episode.

When we got the tickets, the show was actually The Mousetrap not Of Mice and Men. We were…deflated, but still happy to go.

We took the train into the city, which I always find fun. I like taking my kids on the train so they get used to it. My hope is when they get older they won’t be afraid to take public transportation (or to take some calculated risks in their life).

We easily found our way to the theater. It was a matinee, which means I was by far one of the youngest there and my son was throwing the entire median age off kilter. We had great seats; middle, front!

Not sure if you’ve heard about The Mousetrap but it’s an Agatha Christie play, a murder mystery, set in the winter of 1952. I won’t go into the whole story or “whodunit” but it kept my son and I guessing throughout the whole show. If you really want to know, check the summary here!

It was such a surprise ending…we discussed it the whole way home! The one criticism Matt had was they did the whole play in one room, they didn’t change scenes. I let him know that there are many, many plays like that but that doesn’t how good the play is. He agreed.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking your kids to the theatre. Unless it’s a production aimed at children, I’d wait until they were about 10 years-old. Of course, I’d still check the material to be sure it’s appropriate.

Have you been to any plays?
Which were your favorite?

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