St. Patty’s Day Party Update

This weekend we celebrated St. Patty’s Day. Here’s the plan I had for the “big” party. Not sure if you remember our Chinese New Year celebration – if not, check it out here…summary: it didn’t go so well.

I’m happy to report that this party went much better! Yippee!

Leah and I did do the crafts (one was okay, one was great). I didn’t fully decorate as planned. I never got to the balloons. I wanted to do helium but didn’t make it to the store and I hate blowing up balloons so…no balloons. I did have a tiny bit of rainbow streamers (it was really a rainbow chain that I save from last March but don’t tell anybody!).

As for the food, I did the kebobs. In the future, I’d just put the veggies on the plate. I went through about 100 carrots because they kept splitting, not fun!

The pizza came out really good. Not a huge surprise though I make this all the time but we did like the addition of the pepper. It didn’t look much like a shamrock, which is funny because in the store, I tried hard to pick one that looked most like a shamrock. I also made the breadstick shamrock – yum! Everyone loved this and it looked good (at least I thought so – judge for yourself).

We colored some print-out pages, which I found here. Everyone did it but I have to say surprisingly, Matt and I liked this part more than my husband or Leah. We didn’t have an Irish story – I couldn’t find a good one and Matt had to get ready for a party so we were running out of time.

We did play the hide the gold game. This was awesome! I had ten gold coins. I made everyone wait in the kitchen and hid the coins in the playroom. Whoever found the  most was the winner. They were all going crazy to find the most!

Then Leah and her dad hid them, Matt and I found them. Then Leah and Matt hid them, my husband and I found them. We even played after Matt left for his party.

Isn’t it always the way, the simplest thing is the most successful!

Overall the celebration was a success! My husband swears it’s because he’s one eighth Irish. Maybe he’s right – I mean, we not at all Chinese.

Here’s to the next holiday – not sure what yet but you know, I’ll keep you posted!!

How was your St. Patty’s Day celebration? 


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