Let’s Go: Houston – Giddy Up!

Everything is bigger in Texas…I’m sure you know this. Belt buckles, hats, bulls. The list goes on and on. I’ve been to Texas a bunch of times. My uncle (who is more like my brother) has lived there for many years and I’ve visited quite frequently.

On this visit there were two things I’d never realized were so big. The first are the freeway overpasses. Now, I know the freeways are bigger but the overpasses are getting out of hand. Save your amusement park money and ride on a few of these for a roller coaster thrill!

The second thing I’d never realized was how big the rain drops are and how when it rains – it rains. I mean seriously, it doesn’t give up! Relentless. I guess it must only rain one weekend out of the year so when it happens, it happens.

And, unfortunately, we were there on that one rainy weekend.

My uncle picked us up at the airport – aaahhh, no rental car hassles…sweet. Leah was so excited to see him! We were starving and went to Willie’s Ice House to meet my aunt and have some lunch (review coming).

We then trudged through the rain because we had to get Leah some cowgirl boots! She picked the pink ones that light up (surprising – not). She did pass on the pink cowgirl hat, even though it had a crown around it (now that was surprising).

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in…homemade meal, great wine, fun conversation, kitchen envy (they just got their kitchen remodeled) and rain watching (hoping for an end).

There are no pictures up until this point because my camera was packed and I didn’t get it out of the suitcase until the next day. Travel Tip: pack you camera in an easily accessible place, duh like you needed me to tell you that…

That being said, let the pictures begin…

We started our day at the firehouse! My uncle is a fireman so Leah got an up close and personal look at everything firehouse related.

Is that fun or what? Check out the pink boots!

Not too far from the firehouse is Lankford Grocery where we stopped for lunch. This place was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. We had to wait but it was good (full review coming).

Next stop, the Children’s Museum of Houston. Normally when I go to a museum, I always try to go on a weekday in the early morning. So, when we walked in on a rainy Saturday afternoon, you can imagine the panic that set in…

But, it wasn’t bad at all!

(everything is bigger in Texas)

Leah had a great time! Having four adults at her beck and call didn’t hurt the situation… Even without that though, the museum has so much to offer.

Leah painted her own face (yikes!).

She got to participate in a steel drum show.
Um, don’t think her steel drum career is taking off just yet…

She love interacting with all the activities.
This was her favorite thing by far. We had to go back three times.
It’s a seat that when you pull the rope you go up higher and higher.

It was just a lot of fun. I have about 100 more pictures but don’t want to completely bore you (email me directly if you want to see them though!).

We left and went to dinner at The Reef. This place is from Bryan Caswell. He was also a contestant on The Next Iron Chef. He didn’t win but we did with our meal (guess what, full review coming).

The next day we had to visit the mall. Why? Because the have a TWO STORY CAROUSEL. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas! My daughter loves carousels or merry-go-rounds…one-story, two-stories…whatever – the girl is not picky when it comes to horses going around in a circle.

What you can’t see is her left arm is so tight around my neck, I can barely breathe. Of course, I’m going up and down with the horse as to keep my head attached to my body!

After her ride, we had to get her pizza. They strategically place the carousel in the food court. Then onto a kid’s play area (that’s free in the mall – so weird). Then onto Build-A-Bear, have I mentioned someone is getting totally spoiled on this trip (and it’s not me).

Back to the food court for one last ride. She picked the lower level of the carousel this time! Then we topped off the day with a stop at Marble Slab for chocolate ice cream. It was a day little girls dream of and mine was lucky enough to have it come true.

We went back to the house to enjoy the five million Barbies my aunt has carefully kept from when her daughter played with them (amazing)! Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

(that’s one happy girl!)

The next day we had an adventure at THE RODEO! Chocolate-covered cheesecake, chicken fried bacon, and pig races deserve their own post! Read it here!


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