Let’s Eat: Little Louie’s – Collingswood

My son got straight As on his report card! Woo hoo! He’s so good and we’re so proud!

In my house, when you do well on your report card or it’s your birthday or you want to celebrate or you don’t feel like cooking or it’s a day of the week ending in the letter Y…we like to go out to dinner!

So, when we asked my son where he wanted to go to celebrate his great report card, he picked Little Louie’s.

This is a barbecue place, which my husband and I had been to before (without my son). When we went it had only been open for a few days. It was good but it seemed they needed to work out some kinks.

I made the reservation. When we got there it wasn’t full but by the time we left it was.

The entire staff was so friendly. They had crayons and paper for Leah. Our server asked what her favorite color was when she gave her the crayons. Leah said purple, which of course she didn’t have. But, she went and found one and brought it back.

Then a few minutes later, she dropped it and we couldn’t find it. Our server was so sweet she found another one and brought it to her! And every time one of the staff walked passed by, they commented on how much they loved her “work.”

The atmosphere is fun too. It’s really casual (meaning, kids can make noise and it doesn’t matter)! They have a flat screen TV that plays old-time cowboy movies with the close caption on (so you can follow along if you like). It was cool to see Clint Eastwood look young and to see what passed as an action movie not so long ago.

When it came time to order, we didn’t get any appetizers. As for the main course, my son couldn’t decide between the ribs or pulled pork, but finally settled on the ribs entree with mac & cheese and mashed potatoes. I got the pulled pork entree (so my son could try that too) with spinach and fries. My husband got the brisket with sausage entree.

My daughter got the kids hot dog, which she loved. In fact, we all liked our food. The pulled pork was tender and flavored well. My husband is not a sausage lover but enjoyed his (although my son and I thought it was pretty spicy). And my son ate just about everything on his plate.

It seems Little Louie’s had worked out those opening kinks. We had a great time!

Here’s what I loved:

  • the service

Here’s what I liked:

  • the food
  • the atmosphere

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • nothing
Have you been to Little Louie’s?
What did you think? 

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