The Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show – Yee Haw!

After a few rainy days in Houston visiting our family, the sun finally showed its beautiful face. Perfect timing for our trip to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show!

Thankfully we were going with the “locals” so we parked downtown and then took the train to the convention center where the rodeo was being held. As I’ve mentioned before, I love taking the train – anywhere.

As you can see, Leah loved it too! The tickets were EASY to purchase and the trains run frequently, so we were there in no time!

At the rodeo, the lines moved quickly and it was so inexpensive – only $7 per adult and $4 for children This fee is just for the Livestock Show not the actual rodeo but it’s still a great value – there is so much to do at just the Livestock Show!

We hadn’t eaten lunch so right away we visited the food stalls. The many, many food stalls. This is a little daunting because there are so many and you want to be sure you see everything before choosing. I mean I don’t want to buy the fish tacos and then realize I missed the award-winning bar-b-que sandwich!

So, we looked at them ALL and then decided. My daughter got a hot dog, her new favorite. We all split the fish tacos, a bar-b-que sandwich, and some chicken fried bacon. Have to say, the chicken fried bacon was a little too chicken fried and not enough bacon. The fish tacos were awesome! And, Leah gave the thumbs up on the hot dog.

Then we went into the actual Livestock show. I’m not sure Leah knew what to make of it. We saw a lot of animals and a pig parade (they were on their way to judging).

I’ve never been so close to so many pigs! There was also a baby animal area where they were showing the recently born babies – like, really recent…some were the day before or that day even! A-dor-able!

Leah was not as excited as I was until she saw the…real LIVE merry-go-round! I’ve mentioned how much she loves merry-go-rounds so when she saw the live ponies going around in circles that you could actually ride, she went crazy (as you can see).

But that wasn’t it! There was even more to do – like, milking a cow!

She did it!

This place was filled with things for the kids to do. We didn’t even get to the bunny or petting zoo areas. Unfortunately, she was starting to lose it. The only thing to do – load her up on sugar!

So, we stopped and got some chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick (hello, awesome!) and if that wasn’t enough let’s get some ice cream too!

On to the outside area!

Outside they have every kiddie ride imaginable!

With of course, a regular merry-go-round too!

Then it was onto the PIG RACES. 🙂 Yes, pigs race (at the Houston Rodeo). It was adorable and Leah loved it. And really, after seeing pigs race, there’s not much left (is there?). We decided to call it a day even though we certainly didn’t do everything there. It was a great time for not a lot of money!

The next day, we had to leave our wonderful family to head home. As you can see from the last two pictures. Leah enjoyed her trip! We all did and can’t wait to go back again!!

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Have you been to the
Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show?
What did you think?

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