Motherhood the Musical

This past weekend we planned a girl’s night out! Normally, we just go to dinner and hang for a while. But, we wanted to change it up so we decided to see Motherhood the Musical.

We meet at one of my friend’s house for drinks and snacks. Yum! We were having so much fun talking we lost all track of time. Luckily, we noticed and were able to get a cab and to the theatre in enough time to get a drink before we had to take our seats.

I love a place where you can get a drink and take it into the show with you – awesome!

The show was really good. As you can imagine from the title it’s about motherhood. There is an expectant mother who has all the hopes and dreams and ideals that every woman has before they have kids.

Then there are the mothers with kids there trying to set her straight without totally ruining her life! It was funny and sad – I laughed and cried.

It mostly brought home for me, how much I miss my own mother. She’s been gone now for almost 12 years. I don’t think I ever got to the place where I really appreciated everything she did for me.

I mean, really got it.

Now that she’s gone, I think about it often.

Mothers are amazing. They try so hard for their kids without expecting any appreciation. Well, that might not be fully true. They expect it but keep going when they don’t get it.

I know that’s how I am. Ever hopeful that one day, each of my kids will look at me and sincerely appreciate all of my efforts for them (without thinking I’m dumb, stupid, annoying, old, a pain, over-thinking things, worrying too much, etc, etc.) – just fully appreciating why I act the way I do and how it’s benefited them over the years.

Even the times when I’ve really screwed up. What? Asking too much? Okay, fine – just appreciating my good acts, then.

If you can, I recommend you see Motherhood the Musical. It was a great show and you can drink too!

What I don’t recommend is bringing a husband or boyfriend. There was like one guy in the whole place. I felt bad for him. He’s not going to get it anyway – just save yourself the aggravation and go with the girls…much more fun!

On an even more fun note, we went to Dmitri’s for dinner after and then dancing at L’Etage. And, if I didn’t feel the full effects of motherhood after seeing the show, I certainly did when we went dancing. Being the oldest women at a club is just weird and somewhat defining (but still fun!).

Have you been to see the show?
What did you think? 

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