Annoying…Just the Top Three

My exercise of letting you know my top three annoying things of the week is very helpful. I feel better after venting (or ranting or going crazy, whatever you want to call it) here. I also LOVE to hear what’s annoying you!

So, thank you!

Without any further waiting – here are my top three for the week:

1. Back and Forth

The weather was getting so nice. I mean it felt like summer. I LOVED it! But, I get it – winter is not over. Even for someone like me, who loves it warm…I thought it was odd for it to be so warm so early in the season but…

I HATE that it got warm and then cold again. It isn’t even that cold but it feels so much colder because it was so warm. I’m annoyed by that.

I mean just be cold for as long as winter needs then bring on the warm weather. Period. I can’t stand cold, warm, cold, warm, cold, warm – you get the picture!

2. Office Hours

We got an invoice in the mail for over $100 from an oral surgeon we took my son to last year. That visit was just for a consultation – he performed NO work. I remember it well because they made me wait over 90 minutes just to see the doctor (which lasted all of five minutes).

By the way, the real fee was over $400 – we were only billed for what our insurance wouldn’t cover. H E L L O! Right, annoyed beyond belief but that’s not even it.

When we called in the morning to discuss this year-old invoice we had no idea we would be receiving, their voice mail picked up with a message that we were calling before their business hours started for the day. Except, we were calling during their business hours.

Seems even when charging over $400 for a five-minute consultation, you still can’t afford help to open your phones on time! Annoying!!!

3. Wind

This year, I decided we need to mulch the landscaping around our house. Of course, I’m on the cheap side so thought we could do it ourselves. No problem! Since it was warm early this year for a bit (see above) I got started as soon as I could.

I went out and laid down the weed block on a good portion of the area. Then we ordered mulch. It was supposed to come on Monday between 9a-12n.

Monday. Otherwise known as the windiest day of the year.

I went out around 9:30a to fix up the weed block because some of it had started to come up (even though it was only down a few days). As I waited (until 11a) for the mulch I ran around like a maniac trying to keep the weed block down!

Then when the mulch was delivered I ran around like a maniac trying to get the mulch on top of the weed block before it could be ripped up by the wind.

I was seriously annoyed! Not to mention, I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot putting mulch down on the windiest day of the year! Completely annoying!

Please share!
What’s been annoying you?

5 thoughts on “Annoying…Just the Top Three

  1. 1. Speaking of dentist/doctors. How annoying is it when you rearrange your entire schedule to get an appointment and they call you an hour an a half before and cancel! Some will even charge you if you cancel within 24 hours. Annoying!
    2. When your son/daughter tells you at 9pm that they need something for school the next day.
    3. When your waiting for a table at a restaurant and because you don’t want to be annoying to the people still eating their dinners you stand back and wait off to the side and then someone else comes in and stands in front of you to take the first available table that you’ve already waiting for! Urghhhh!

  2. I’m so annoyed at YOUR #2 for them charging you!! WTF??

    I’d tell them, sorry my accountant already did my taxes and I had itemized medical, so you did not submit this, therefore, *I* could not submit this, sorry! And anyway, isn’t there a time limit to when they can bill you!?! Faced with this, they will probably negotiate your fees down or just waive it.

    Most don’t know, but out of pocket medical to drs and hospitals are neg. and aim for 30% off…

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