Our Big Movie Adventure

Since Leah has been about 18 months old, I’ve been contemplating taking her to the movies. My husband has been against it.

He made some good points…I guess. Ones like; she’s not going to sit there for two hours, she might start crying and fussing, she’ll talk really loudly – with any of those, we’d have to leave. He was right, of course. She got my mother’s gene and is unable to whisper.

But I kept thinking about it. I just thought it would be the cutest thing ever. Well, she’s three now and when I saw the Beauty and the Beast commercial on TV, I knew our time had come!

I planned it for a day when it was just the two of us. I made a big deal about it and explained the whole thing. We were both really excited.

Now, I don’t know if you know this but it seems ALL kids movies MUST now be in 3D. It’s mandatory. There must be some law that was passed because every kid’s movie is in 3D.

It’s so prevalent that before they start the previews they tell you to put the 3D glasses on to watch even those. So, we did. Then they proceeded to show a preview for a movie called “Brave” which they could have called

Let’s Scare the Sh** Out of a Three Year-Old and Ruin Her Movie Experience with Just the Preview Because We Had to Put This Movie in 3D and Really Amp It Up

What, too long?

Needless to say, she didn’t want to wear the glasses after that and she pretty much wanted to leave. I had to talk her into staying and watching without the glasses. Then I thought she was going to get a headache because watching those movies without the glasses is weird.

We made it through the rest of the previews and when Belle came on I told her it was okay, she could wear them. She did. Then when Beast was coming on I told her to take them off. She did.

We pretty much proceeded that way through most of the movie. She did start to leave them on for a bit (when Beast got nicer) but she was still arbitrarily taking them on and off.

About five minutes before it was done – you know, the best part (spoiler alert) when Beast becomes the prince – she wanted to go home.

What?? This is the best part – are you kidding me?

Luckily, I talked her into staying. Overall, I think she did really well. I’d be up for taking her back and I think she’d be up for it too. I’m hoping there might be a rogue movie that slips through not in 3D.

What do you think about 3D movies?
How young were your kids when you took them to their first movie? 


2 thoughts on “Our Big Movie Adventure

  1. I LOVE this post!!! Your humor and writing is amazing! The title, the “spoiler alert”…so funny!!

    My girls are 5 and 8 and I have [audible gasp] never taken them to the movies!! My mother-in-law takes them to every single one the minute they come out. Honestly, I was mad that she took them to the first movie because I wanted to have that experience with them :-/ but c’est la vie. How does it go for her? Now good, but when they were younger bad, but she didn’t care! She just loves being with them!

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