Photo of the Week: My Grandfather

This is my grandfather. Doesn’t he look dapper?
Do you see the Christmas tree in the background? He loved to decorate the tree. He took such time and care in doing it. Each piece of tinsel (remember tinsel?) was hung one-at-a-time. Yes, one-at-time.

I watched him do it and waited patiently for my turn to hang one piece. He finally let me. And, I was so careful. Trying to find the right branch. Hanging it as perfectly as I could. I looked back at him, waiting for approval. He nodded and I smiled. Then he went over and readjusted it!

I loved him so much!


8 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: My Grandfather

  1. Great article! I was so glad I knew him. Class act one of the nicest gentlemen you could ever come across !!!

  2. I was just thinking about the epic Easter egg hunts every year. There was only one $1 egg and it was a race to find it. When it was over, we would all line up to collect the money for our eggs. My brother Michael tried to make a fake $1 egg and PopPop caught him. I wonder, how long those eggs were hidden outside. . . It’s a wonder we didn’t all get food poisoning. What great memories.

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