Love, Love, Love…3 Things Making My Week

Last week, I shared the things annoying me. Since I want balance in my life…

Side note: When I took French in high school my favorite word was équilibrer (kind of sounds like eek-a-lib-ray, but you know with a really cool French accent). It means balance.

I wanted to share a few things I’m loving!

1. Heated carpet

That’s right – you heard it…a heated carpet. I am forever cold, even when everyone thinks it’s pretty warm. Not to mention the main room in our house is coldest. Even when the temperature outside is moderate, that room is cold. I mean you can be wearing short sleeves outside and when you come in you’ll need a sweater. Okay, okay, you get it.

Well, my husband found this heated carpet that sits under our area rug. You can turn it on high or low. Let me just tell you, it’s amazing! I sit on the floor all the time…it keeps me so warm. It works especially well for us because I can just have the carpet on and we don’t have to worry about turning on the heat full blast.

I LOVE that thing. Really, I’m not kidding. (Oh, and I love my husband for finding it and buying it for me!)

2. Spring clothes

It’s spring. And all kinds of new clothes are in the stores. I love new spring clothes. I mean, I love all new clothes, don’t get me wrong. But, spring clothes are fabulous. They are so pretty and light and well, fabulous.

It’s like a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. Don’t even get me started on how cute the shoes are (and I’m not even a “shoe girl”). The shoes are so flirty and you get to show off your pretty toes. I’m ready to kiss that black goodbye and jump into some tangerine!

3. Sleeping

Okay, I do love sleeping but this time it’s about Leah. One of my favorite things is going into Leah’s room right before I go to bed to check on her. She has a nightlight (which could probably light up a small country) so I can see her.

She looks so beautiful and peaceful and perfect. Of course, seeing her asleep is awesome on so many levels. But there is such a sense of calmness as I stand there for a few seconds watching her. Just sheer happiness. I love it.

Can you relate?
What are you loving this week?

Share, share, share!

2 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love…3 Things Making My Week

  1. I love it – and I love Spring Clothes and Sleeping too! I will add that in the next 24 hours I plan to clean out the closet and get rid of winter clothes I did not wear this year (or really in the past 5 or more years) and to catch up on some sleep (especially since the kids are at my parents for 2 nights). Happy Spring!

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