Everything’s Better…On Wheels!

When I was in middle school, I loved to go roller skating. I couldn’t skate backward but I could go pretty fast and I rarely fell. I was so cool, well, I felt so cool.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to go with the family. So, they could see how really cool I am — no, I mean, so we could all have fun!

I found a rink close by (there are quite a few close by, who knew?) It wasn’t as cheap as I remembered it (before I actually paid with my own money). It was $6 for entry and $3.50 for rentals, and there’s no kid’s discount (huh?). Okay, whatever – seems fun is not cheap.

We go in and get our skates – no problem. Leah looked so adorable and she wan’t a bit fearful. Know why? She couldn’t take her eyes off the huge bounce slide. Roller skating is just not enough to capture kids attention, more entertainment is necessary!

Of course, tickets to any of the bounce slides are…extra. We choose to concentrate on the skating.

My husband and I held Leah’s hand and the first round was a bit kludgy but went without incident. Then my son and I skated while my husband “skated” with Leah. Finally, I figured out to have her “march” in the skates, which worked much better.

They also have these “walker” things (called skate mates) for smaller kids to use. You’ll never guess though, they cost extra…another $2. I probably sound cheap here, but I felt lile it was overkill – so, we didn’t get it.

We made it a few more times around and took a break. Then Leah saw the prizes you can win by playing the arcade games (more entertainment). We looked at them all and I told her she could get a small one after we were done.

She dutifully skated for a while longer and then was ready for her prize. She picked a blinking pink chick – cute, I think.

In the end, we all had a good time. Leah talked about it a lot and Matt got some practice before his school skating visit. It will probably be a while before we go back but I think one thing is clear — I’m cool and everyone knows it.

Have you been roller skating?
Or do you have a better family activity?

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