How to Make Your House Guest Feel Like Royalty

A lot of my recent posts have been related to our visit to Houston. We went to see family and stayed with them. We had a great time. Mostly, because they are wonderful hosts!

Yes, of course, they did all the usual stuff. Like planning things for us to do together, finding activities everyone would like, and having clean sheets.

But, they went above and beyond. My aunt (who is more like my sister-in-law) had these wonderful baskets in our rooms. Ours included water, snacks, warm socks (for my cold feet), and magazines. Leah’s basket included tons of little toys and puzzles for her, all of which she adored!

Here are five tips for making your house guest’s visit better than a five-star resort. Please be clear, this is coming from personal experience because all of these were provided by my aunt and uncle during our stay!

1. Kitchen goodies

Ask your guests what some of their favorite foods and drinks are ahead of time. Then you’ll have things you know they’ll like. We all know how difficult, I mean discerning, kids tastes are. Having their favorites is beyond helpful!

2. House “rules”

Let your guests know what they can expect. What time you get up, how to make coffee, what time you go to bed, etc. Then, you’re all on the same page. And don’t forget, a review of the TV remote and channels!

3. In room amenities

You don’t have to go overboard (or be amazing like my aunt) but put water in the room. Next on my list flowers. Of course, not necessary but I love it – it’s such a nice touch.

4. Bathroom extras

Fresh towels are mandatory but if you want to do it right, be sure to have tissues, extra toilet paper in an obvious area, trash cans, Q-tips, cotton balls, wash clothes, bath sponges, and blow dryer.

5. Lights at night

Be sure to have night lights scattered around the house, at the very least from the guest bedroom to the bathroom they’ll be using. The beautiful lighting arrangement my aunt had in the bathroom was invaluable (wish I had a pic to share).

Can you imagine how great your guest’s stay will be if you follow these five tips?

Oh, and to top it off, a few days after we returned we received a box with a few of the things for Leah that we couldn’t fit in our luggage, the warm fuzzy socks, and some of the snacks that were purchased just for us. What three year-old doesn’t love opening a box full of fun?

It was a wonderful reminder of our fantastic visit! We can’t wait to go back!

Side notes: You might want to be careful how good of a job you do with this – your guest may never want to leave. And no, you can’t have my family’s address to schedule your next vacation.

How do you make your guest’s visits special?

2 thoughts on “How to Make Your House Guest Feel Like Royalty

  1. Love ya! You are so sweet to write these words. They warm my heart! You all are welcome at anytime in Texas. The door will always be open and the socks available to warm your feet. Aunt Patti

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