When Do I Need New Make-Up?

When I was a teenager, I read all the beauty magazines on how to apply make-up. I did a pretty good job but I wasn’t big into it like many of my friends. I think I was always afraid of the foundation mask, you know, when you can see the line of foundation end around the jaw line of the person wearing it. Their face is tan and their neck is white…u g l y.

Also, I have really thin lips and lipstick doesn’t look good on me. Don’t try to talk me into it. It just doesn’t work, I’ve tried.

Anyway, when I was about 18 I hosted a Mary Kay demonstration. I have no memory of how I got involved in that, like who the representative was, how I knew her or why I would agree to such a thing.

It turned out to be fine. A few of my girlfriends came and we did the whole procedure…you know where you wash your face and put on the moisturizer, foundation, and makeup.

It was fun and I actually like the products. However, I was 18 and wasn’t in the market to be spending a ton of money on makeup regimens. Aside from seeing those pink cars occasionally, that was the last I’d heard of Mary Kay.


my friend invited me to a party she was hosting. She lives close by and I knew there would be wine, so I was in.

Conveniently, a few minutes before we were supposed to start the “procedures”, my son called and needed a ride to a party. I couldn’t take all my makeup off and leave in the middle of it. Darn. Of course, after the first few steps, my son called to tell me “never mind”, he had a ride.

This probably worked to my benefit. I’m sure I would have liked it all but I’m just not the kind of person who can commit to a face-washing system.

A man, yes.

Children, yes.

But, face-washing system, no way!

I did decide to purchase some moisturizer (I do love moisturizer, it’s probably my saving grace) and foundation primer. If you’re like me, you’re saying, “Foundation primer…what the heck is that?” Well, it’s something!

It’s supposed to help your foundation go on smoothly. But, the reason I bought it was because of another person at the party. She said she uses it alone sometimes when she’s just running out and it works great at smoothing out her skin. Well, count me in sista’!

Side note: Seems everyone already knows about foundation primer – where have I been??

So far, I’ve used both products. They work fine. I don’t think that foundation primer does anything for me, without using foundation (and even then I’m not sure it makes that much of a difference).

I’m not sure if they were worth the $40 I spent though. I probably won’t be getting more of them.

The wine was good and the party was fun! What more can you ask for, really?

Do you use Mary Kay?
Do you use foundation primer?
Are there other major
makeup things I’m missing? 

2 thoughts on “When Do I Need New Make-Up?

  1. Good Morning!
    I do use Mary Kay, I use it so much in fact that I began selling the products last October. I’m glad you were adventurous and went to the party and even left with two products!
    It is tough to commit to an arduous skin are routine, I know that, I am a MK lady and don’t have some giant routine… I suggest that you find one that works for you because you need it. The “routine” is just washing your face and applying the moisturizer you already have morning and night. Simple and easy and I even do mine in the shower. There are many more steps you can add but just stick to those two. MK has a cleanser (the one you tried at the party) to match your moisturizer.

    I do use the Foundation Primer, like it’s my job! Under my foundation because it has SPF, helps smooth my face, and makes my foundation last.

    Other major make up items you’e missing– things that will make you feel pretty– eye color, lipgloss since you’re not a stick girl, mascara. You sound like a minimalist so you won’t be breaking the bank, but just a few things are always nice to have.

    Final question– when do you need new makeup? About every 3-4 months for things like mascara, foundation cleansers and moisturizers. These things directly touch your face and can become germy.

    Don’t give up on your Mary Kay just yet. Invest in the cleanser that works for your skin, use it faithfully morning and night followed by the moisturizer and I promise you will notice your skin looks different, brighter, fewer imperfections, etc 🙂

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