How Should We Celebrate?

My daughter, Leah, will be turning four in August. She goes to preschool and a lot of her friends are already turning four. I know because it’s – party time!

Yep, we’ve been to three parties in the past few weeks. One was at Sweet and Sassy. Do you know this place? It’s where little girls can go to get mani/pedis, get their hair done, make-up, and of course, dress up.

It’s cute but somehow a little much. I mean the pedicure chairs are kid size. I don’t know, it just seems odd – getting a pedicure at four is a real “thing.”

Shouldn’t it be a fun thing my daughter and I do at home? Then she moves on to doing pedicures with her girlfriends. Until maybe, she’s sixteen or she’s going to prom or she’s doing something super special – then she gets her first professional pedicure?

The girls had fun though. All dressed up, playing games, having a fashion show then on to pizza and cupcakes with a goody bag.

The second party was at a local place called Enchanted Dreams. This place was sweet. They did get to dress up here too but then they played games, heard stories, and danced. A young woman came out dressed as Sleeping Beauty and she did look fabulous. The kids were in awe. More pizza and cupcakes with goody bags to go.

The last party was at a place called Bounce U where the kids move throughout lots of bounce houses and slides. Leah had a great time here too. She loved all the bouncing. Then pizza and a cake! Don’t forget the goody bags to go.

All of these parties were fun. Leah had a great time. I had fun too. It was nice to talk with some of the mothers and fathers of the kids I see almost everyday.

Here’s the thing, I’m not ready to have a big party for Leah’s fourth birthday. I liked this article by Nichole Beaudry who is at least taking a stand against the goodie bag. But, I’m still feeling the pressure.

The last three years we’ve had parties at home with just family.

Happy 1st Birthday:

Getting ready for cake! Not looking at the camera…

Happy 2nd Birthday:

Refusing to look at the camera.

Still not looking.

Still not looking!

Happy 3rd birthday:

blowing out the candles!

woo hoo – she’s looking at the camera (this and the passport photo!)

See, it’s always fun – just small. I’m not sure what we’re going to do this year. I’m going to try to stick with a small, family party again. I’m holding off on huge friend parties for as long as possible.

What do you think? 
How old were your kids when
you started having big friend parties? 

2 thoughts on “How Should We Celebrate?

  1. She is so lovely!
    The way I see it is, you’ll never regret keeping things small and simple. But if you go overboard (I speak from experience) there’s a great chance you’ll regret it when your memories are that of chaos. 😉

    Fight the good fight against the goodie bag! 🙂

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