Let’s Eat: Toscana – Cherry Hill

We visited Toscana to celebrate my husband’s grandmother’s 94th birthday. Can you believe it? My husband comes from some good genes. His grandmother, by the way, looks awesome. She stills wears makeup every day! You will not catch her without lipstick on, I’ve tried!!

Although I had been to Toscana before, it was for a private event. I hadn’t been there just for dinner. It’s in a strip mall but almost hidden away. Once you find it, the center walkway is so nice. It’s filled with a huge fountain and plants – really pretty and very entertaining for little ones.

There is outside seating but it wasn’t that warm when we were there so inside we went! The atmosphere is rustic Italian. Cool but obvious. It is a BYOB but you can buy wine there (I think only by the bottle though). We brought our own so I’m not certain of the policy or how they can even have both wine for sale and BYOB…but it’s available!

They don’t have a kids menu. They do offer a few children’s selections, when you ask. I didn’t like that…if you are willing to provide a child’s portion why not just print up a little menu, even if it is only two offerings. I feel like they are trying to trick me into buying my kid a huge adult portion. Maybe they just really don’t want kids there – either way, I don’t like it.

The food was very good though. I got the crab bisque and chicken parmigiana – both were great. My son didn’t love his pasta dish, which had meat sauce. I rarely make meat sauce (and by rarely I mean never) so I don’t think he was used to that type of sauce.

My husband had the gnocchi, which was yummy and pillow soft (once a waiter described the gnocchi this way so from now on if we like the gnocchi, we say it’s pillow soft – we’re crazy like that…). My daughter had the spaghetti – she loved it. We also shared the mussels – my daughter also loved those!

I didn’t try anybody else’s dish so I can’t comment on those. We did try three desserts. All the options were very Italian (surprising, huh). I can’t remember them all but you know, tiramisu, rum cake, cannoli, etc. I didn’t love them but I don’t love those types of desserts so I’m not a great judge.

They bring them out on a big tray and show you each one. Then, of course, they come back with your actual dessert but Leah, my three-year old, was perplexed. She saw the dessert and asked for what she wanted but then he took it away. She did wait patiently though once we explained he was coming back with her cake.

Overall, we liked it and would definitely go back.

Here’s what I loved:

  • the outside area

Here’s what I liked:

  • the food
  • the atmosphere
  • the service

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • no children’s menu
What’s your favorite Italian place?

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